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Homemade Cardboard Box Robot Costume

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By gug9183

Homemade Cardboard Box Robot Costume

Robot Front

Homemade Cardboard Box Robot Costume

Robot Back

Kids' Halloween Costumes

Initially, my little boy wanted to a be A Cardboard Box Of Plans In The Corner as a disguise. But the box I got from work wasn't as big as he would've needed, so he decided to be a Robot. I showed him some images from the internet so he could think about what he wanted.

We made the whole thing with lots of discussion! It was the first year we didn't get a costume in a shop and I was delighted. He really engaged with the DIY of it and it fired up his imagination no end.

How We Did It

-We got a rectangular cardboard box. I used packing tape to tape all the flaps (except the bottom ones which I cut off), and reinforce all the edges.

-I cut two large holes for his arms and one in the top for his head.

-I glued tinfoil all over the box, and used sellotape to reinforce all the edges.

-We made buttons out of used tea-lights, and stuck them on with pieces of sellotape fix-it pads.

-Also stuck on an LED, the circuit board from a calculator, a couple of cds, a couple of audio jacks, and the dial from a timer.

-On the back we stuck on a 'mess' of old cables.

-We used a smaller box covered in tin foil for the helmet, with a hole cut out for the eyes, and a coat hanger as the antennae.

Lessons Learned

  • Child loved it. Very successful. Could also use duct tubing for arms and legs, and more LEDs if you liked. Cables could also be 'threaded' through the cardboard.

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