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6 Ways to Speed Up Morning Routines


Do you find yourselves rushing frantically to get out the door on time in the mornings? Here are some easy and smart ways to streamline your morning routine. Photo: Getty Images

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Earth Day is April 22--What Are You Doing to Make a Difference?

Monday April 21, 2014

Earth Day is a great reminder to take stock of what you and your family are doing to help protect our natural resources. Today more than ever, each and every person who lives on this planet has a responsibility to recycle, reuse, conserve, and do whatever else we can to help minimize the damage humans have done to the environment.

Take steps to save gas and make your home more energy-efficient this spring and summer. Find ways to volunteer and help clean up your neighborhood park. And teach your kids about what's happening to our natural resources and what they can do every day to make a difference.

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12 Fun Ideas for Kids' Easter Baskets

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Looking for ideas for kids' Easter baskets? The good news is that kids love small items that don't cost a lot. You can fill a child's Easter basket with small things like a small Lego set, some washi tape, or a Rainbow Loom kit and kids will be thrilled. Here are some ideas for small, fun things to put in kids' Easter baskets this year.

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A New Book About a Child's Hearing Loss and a Mother's Determination and Love

Wednesday April 9, 2014

In her new book I Can Hear You Whisper: An Intimate Journey through the Science of Sound and Language, reporter and science writer Lydia Denworth delves into the facts, history, and politics of hearing loss and impairment, balancing and enhancing her research with an honest and moving account of her own experiences after her youngest child is diagnosed with profound and progressive hearing loss.

Part science and fact and part compelling personal account, I Can Hear You Whisper is a must-read for anyone who has or knows someone who has a child diagnosed with hearing loss or impairment, or any other learning or developmental difference. And Denworth's skillful and brave recollections of her own family's experiences transport this well-researched and informative book into a beautiful testimony of the power and endurance of a mother's love.

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10 Essential Tips for Flying with Children

Monday April 7, 2014
flying with children

If you're planning to fly somewhere with the kids this spring, whether for vacation or to see family for the holidays, read my tips on "10 Tips for Flying with Children."

Flying with kids poses unique challenges: Kids can't make regular stops and get out to stretch their legs like they can during car trips; they have less room to move around than on, say trains; they have to stay quiet and patient; they have to go through airport security; and there's lots of waiting time before boarding. All those factors can create a minefield of disasters for parents, who need to keep kids entertained and comfortable during flights, especially if they're long.

Read my helpful tips before you get ready for your next airplane trip and you'll be more prepared to handle flying with kids. Your trip will be much more pleasant and relaxed, and even fun!

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