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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

The Ten Year Old at School


Fifth Grade

Skills Kids Need to Begin Fifth Grade

  • Work independently and with a group on a multi-step project
  • Show empathy, friendship, and collaborative skills
  • Mastery of grade-level reading skills with strong fluency and comprehension of complex text
  • Library skills and use of books for pleasure and information
  • Good fund of word knowledge and information to facilitate comprehension of complex informative and story texts
  • Write a structured paragraph with an introductory topic sentence, supporting details and a closing sentence
  • Write a three-paragraph report
  • Add and subtract decimals and fractions, and compare decimals and fractions
  • Multiplication of whole numbers
  • Understand and solve a simple number sentence in algebra
  • Collect data and create graphs, tables, and charts
  • Practice in scientific thinking, analysis and experiments in basic natural and physical sciences
  • Map and globe skills

Note to Parents...
Children, families, and schools vary so widely that it's possible only to state general guidelines for the skills needed to start the grade and those the child will learn in this grade. So, don't panic if your child or school doesn't match the list exactly. Just be aware of these skills and work on them with your child this year.

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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

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