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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

The Ten Year Old At Home


Daily Routines

The ten year old has a great appetite and more food 'likes' than 'dislikes'. His table manners are still poor. He needs parents to consistently remind him of table manners so that they become a regular habit in time. Tens, both boys and girls. love to cook.

Tens are extremely careless with their clothing; most are simply dropped on the floor or a chair. The ten year old hates chores, bathing, brushing hair and teeth; and, she doesn't care if her clothes are dirty or torn. Parents are forever reminding Ten, 'Put your dirty clothes in the hamper; wash your hands before dinner; take a bath; brush your teeth," and on and on.

Ten manages his daily responsibilities and activities well (except for chores, bathing, brushing hair and teeth, and picking up his clothes!) He's focused on school, friends, extracurricular activities, and family rituals. His even temperament, intellectual stability, and good social skills take him smoothly through his many daily tasks. He is able to learn new organizing strategies and enjoys using a family calendar and following daily schedules.

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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

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