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Valentine Party Games for Kids


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Mend a Broken Heart Puzzle


  • Red or pink poster board (or purchase cardboard valentines)
  • Scissors, pencil, heart shape for tracing


  1. Trace heart on posterboard to make one for each child. Hearts may be any size from 6-10 inches.
  2. Cut each heart into a variety of pieces, jigsaw style. They don't have to be the same.
  3. As you cut each heart, place the pieces in a plastic zip-style bag.

Game Play:

  • Give each child a bag with heart pieces.
  • On 'Go', the children take out their heart pieces and construct their heart. (It's not as easy as it seems!)
  • First one finished raises his hand.
  • This can be played competitively or simply as a fun activity.

Grade Range:

Use easy pieces for kindergarten kids. Cut smaller pieces for kids up to about grade 3.

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