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Cool Ideas for a Hot Weekend

Stay at Home!


Some weekends it feels best just to stay home. The trick is convincing the kids that you'll still have a great time. It's just a matter of using a little creativity and embellishing it with a lot of positive attitude.

Summer Stay-at-Home Resources

  • How about an indoor picnic? About Southern Cooking has some great Rainy Day Barbecue recipes. Just add homemade ice cream and you have a summer celebration.

  • Make it a DVD movie weekend. Browse some of the top kid-friendly movies of the past few years for ideas. You can stop by the video store on your way home from work so that you make the selections that everyone will enjoy.

  • Find a quick arts and crafts project with a summer theme or check out the summer crafts at About Family Crafts.

  • Does anyone still take the time to play board games? This would be a great weekend to take that time. Or, check out the new shorter versions of classic board games from Hasbro. You're kids will love it!

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