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Questions to Ask at Parent Teacher Conferences

Parental Involvement at Parent Teacher Conferences


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Without parental involvement, parent teacher conferences are a missed opportunity. Conferences are the time to learn more about your child's learning style, relationship with others, what he'll be learning and even about the teacher's teaching style. If you sit back and listen, you'll still learn about your child, but perhaps miss some key things you should know. There are a number of questions you can ask at a parent teacher conference to elicit information and help to make your child's year more successful.

General Questions to Ask at Parent Teacher Conferences:

  • What skills are being addressed right now and how does that tie in to the overall goal for the year?
  • How is my child doing keeping up in class?
  • How is my child getting along with other children?
  • Could you outline the schedule of a typical day/class period for me?
  • What kinds of testing should I expect my child to participate in this year?
  • Does this testing have an impact on his academic future or how he is graded?
  • What can I do at home to reinforce what he is learning?
  • What type of discipline plan do you use in the classroom?
  • What are your views on homework and what is your homework policy?

Questions to Ask if Your Child Isn't Challenged:

Questions to Ask if Your Child is Struggling Academically:

Questions to Ask if You (or Your Child) Don't Get Along With the Teacher:

  • How is my child's attitude in the classroom? Is she respectful and following rules and expectations?
  • Do you feel that you and my child are having trouble working well together?
  • Can we discuss why we seem to have trouble working smoothly together?
  • What do you think you and I (or you and my child) can do to make this year successful?
  • I'd like to share with you my concerns about (what I see, your teachng style, etc.) in your classroom.

Questions to Ask if Your Child is Having Trouble With Peers:


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