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5 Cognitive Skills That Are Important for Kindergarten

Cognitive Developmental Milestones for Kindergarten


cognitive skills kindergarten

Your child's cognitive skills are becoming more sophisticated.

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At this age and stage of his life, your kindergarten child is thinking about everything and in a variety of new ways. As his cognitive skills become a little more sophisticated, it's a great time to begin school. Though the growth you see in your child this year is extraordinary, there are a few of those cognitive skills that are particularly important for kindergarten.

5 Cognitive Skills That Are Important for Kindergarten

1. Skill: Uses 5 to 6 word sentences, speaking clearly enough that most people are able to understand what is being said.
Why it's important: Communication is a key part of kindergarten. Students must be able to make their needs known, communicate with peers and teachers, as well as be able to answer questions.

2. Skill: Is consistently able to count to 10.
Why it's important: Kindergarten students will begin to write numbers, do basic addition and understand the concepts of "more" and "less" as they pertain to groups of items.

3. Skill: Understands the difference between between the truth and a story (fact or fiction).
Why it's important: As students begin to hear more stories, tell and write their own stories and even read some stories, it's important for them to be able to distinguish something that could or might have happened from something that actually occurred.

4. Skill: Can tell about an event in sequenced order.
Why it's important: Being able to sequence events is a precursor to grasping that stories have a beginning, middle and end, knowledge that is essential as students begin to read and write.

5. Skill: Follows two or three step directions without confusion.
Why it's important: School is full of multi-step directions, whether it be those explaining how to get ready for recess or how to complete an assignment. Your child needs to be able to complete those tasks without asking for the directions to be repeated one at a time.

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