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15 Questions to Ask Your Child About School

Get Your Child Talking About His School Day


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We all know the drill. You pick up your child from school or reconnect with him at the end of the day and ask the question: How was school today? The answer to this question is almost invariably "Fine." or "Good," neither of which open up the line of communication you're hoping for.

The trick to getting more information is to ask your child questions about his day at school that can't be answered with a monosyllable. Try one of these more open-ended questions as a way to get your child to talk about school.

15 Questions to Ask Your Child About School

  1. What was your favorite part about school today?
  2. What happened at school today that you would have liked to have gone differently?
  3. Was your whole class there today? (Follow-up question: With so-and-so absent, did it change the way your class worked together?)
  4. Was the test you were studying for as hard/easy as you thought it would be? What kind of questions were on it?
  5. Who did you hang out with at recess today?
  6. Who sat with you at lunch today?
  7. Tell me one new thing you learned at school today and I'll tell you one thing I learned at work.
  8. Who or what made you laugh today?
  9. If your child has a behavior plan (these questions can be individualized for your child's plan): How much longer until you get to choose from the prize box? What did your chart look like today?
  10. Did anyone get on the teacher's nerves today? How about on your nerves?
  11. What's your favorite thing about your teacher?
  12. What project are you working on in Art/Music class?
  13. What skills are you working on in Physical Education?
  14. What book(s) did you read today? Tell me a little bit about the characters.
  15. What are you learning about in science/social studies/math?

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