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Learning Problems

Resources, information, and inspiration for parenting your elementary-age child with learning differences and disabilities.
Help for Your Struggling Reader
Developing readers progress from basic skills to fluency and comprehension of increasingly difficult print reading during elementary school. The components of good reading ability rely on different brain process, beginning with the acquisition of basic reading skills.
Learners and Apple Pie
How can we help kids who struggle in school? Students need to have their thoughts and feelings in apple pie order, and they need a complete pie in order to do their work. Every time a kid takes a slice out of the pie, that much less remains.
About Learning Disabilities
School psychologist Ann Logsdon guides parents of children with learning disabilities and adults with learning disabilities with in-depth information and advice for learning.
Identifying Learning Disabilities in Children
Parents of children with learning difficulties are often caught in an unexpected storm of uncertainty over how to identify and intervene with children who have specific learning disabilities. The best way to help your child is to prepare yourself with knowledge of what you will face in trying to obtain appropriate educational services for your child.
Parents' Guide to Understanding the Intelligence Test Results - Part 1
The most common IQ test given to children in a psychoeducational evaluation is the WISC-III, from the Wechsler series of intelligence scales for children. The WISC-III measures a set of abilities to arrive at a level of global intellectual functioning.
Parents' Guide to Understanding the Intelligence Test Results - Part 2
What the Subtests mean on the Wechsler Scales of Verbal Comprehension and Perceptual Organization.
My Child Doesn't Qualify
What parents can do when their learning disabled child does not qualify for special education services based on the psychoeducational assessment.
LD OnLine
The best starting place for information and support for learning disabilities.
Schwab Learning
The Schwab Foundation site consistently provides excellent and timely information to help parents address the unique learning needs of LD children.
Misunderstood Minds | PBS
A PBS mini-site for the documentary about learning differences and disabilities with great resources for parents.
A.D.D. WareHouse
This is a wonderful resource for books, games, behavior modification tools, and more for your ADD and/or learning disabled child.
About Dyslexia
Fantastic info from the International Dyslexia Association (formerly Orton Dyslexia). Don't miss the parents' section.
All Kinds of Minds
Super site for programs and tools to help students with differences in learning achieve success in the classroom and in life.
Building Self-esteem in a Troubled Student
Stay focused on this goal with your LD child, from Jan Faull at Family.com
Coping with Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Learn practical steps for teaching and communicating with the LD child with central auditory processing problems, from KidsHealth.org.
Different Roads to Learning
A nice online catalog of learning materials and playthings for the developmentally delayed child.
Does She Have a Learning Disability?
Very good article at Sesame Street Parents for parents of early-elementary children.
"Do's and Don'ts" for Fostering Social Competence
By Dr. Richard Lavoie at LD Online
Dyslexia: The Gift
Resources from Ronald Davis, the author of the book, focus on positive aspects of the disorder.
Dyslexia My Life
Web site for the book by Girard Sagmiller. Lots of inspiration and information here. How to recognize dyslexia plus tips.
A U.K. based company offering software for dyslexic children. Good content here.
Family Education Network - Learning Disabilities
Extensive resource site that just keeps getting bigger and better.
IEP: A Road Map To Success
The IEP process does not need to be a struggle. Learn how to make it a positive experience from this fine article.
Internet Special Education Resources
Special focus on learning disabilities here.
Learning Disabilities
Online brochure from the National Institute of Mental Health.
"Learning Disability": A Rose by Another Name
At thought-provoking article by Jan Hunt at The Natural Child Project.
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
The premise of the model is that a certain population with reading comprehension difficulties have difficulty with 'gestalt imaging'. Interesting research to explore and think about for your child.
New Horizons for Learning
Innovation in education. Particularly important for the learning-different child.
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