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Outdoor Party Games

Let kids take the fun outside when the weather is warm with these classic games


The next time you have a party, try these fun outdoor party games ideas and take the fun outside! Whether your party is in your backyard, a local park, or the beach, these timeless and fun outdoor party games will be a hit with kids. Everyone will have a great time running around as they compete, get silly, and just have a ball.

These ideas can also work for impromptu picnics with friends, family reunions, or other gatherings And if the weather doesn't cooperate, many of these games, such as the dress up relay race, can be easily transferred indoors to a basement or a large living room. Party on!

1. Dress Up Relay Race

Children playing cowboys and Indians.
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Relay races make great outdoor party games for many reasons. They get kids moving and active, they inspire teamwork, and they satisfy kids' love of competition. This fun outdoor party game can be easily tailored to fit the theme of a party by having kids dress up in pirate, sports, princess, or other outfits and accessories.

2. Water Balloon Toss

outdoor party games

Here's an awesome outdoor party game for any gathering. Because it involves water balloons, you may want to dress kids in their swimsuits. It's the perfect way to have fun on a hot summer's day!

3. Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt

outdoor party games
Scavenger hunts can be great fun at parties. You can take your hunt outside and look for items in nature to set up a great outdoor party game for kids. By focusing on nature, you’ll make this outdoor party game a great green game that's perfect for kids today.

4. Steal the Bacon

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Here's a fun outdoor party game that's perfect for grade-school age kids. This classic outdoor party game will encourage kids to listen and pay attention, sharpen kids' reflexes, and even get 'em to exercise their brains and do a little math while having fun!

5. Balloon Stomp

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This raucous game will get kids moving as they try to stomp their way to victory. Between the laughing, screams of laughter, and popping of balloons, this outdoor game will be one loud and happy party event.

6. Fun Beach Games for Kids

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If the party is going to be on the beach, try these great beach games for kids. While children can have lots of fun at the beach just splashing in the waves or digging holes in the sand or burying dad or mom, but these games can be perfect for when the kids are looking for something else to do. They're loads of fun for parents, too!

7. More Outdoor Games

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Remember playing classic games like SPUD; red light, green light; and freeze tag when you were a kid? With a little modification, any of these classic kids' outdoor games can be perfect for outdoor party games. Try one at your next party and feel the nostalgia set in!
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