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Decorating Easter Eggs

Great ideas and tips for creating fun, whimsical, and lovely Easter eggs


Decorating Easter eggs is one of the most fun things about Easter. Grade-school age children are old enough to really participate in decorating Easter eggs, whether it’s dipping eggs in dye, painting on fun designs, or gluing on whiskers and ears to make colorful Easter egg creatures.

There are an endless number of options when it comes to decorating Easter eggs, and kids can let their imaginations lead their creativity. So check out these egg-cellent ideas for decorating Easter eggs and have some Easter fun!

1. Start with a Perfectly-Boiled Egg

Boiled egg
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Before you begin decorating Easter eggs, you will want to first start by boiling the perfect egg. It’s not just a matter of putting cold eggs into a pot and turning on the heat. If you want perfectly-cooked eggs that are ready for everything from deviled eggs to decorating Easter eggs, check out this fool-proof recipe for boiling eggs from About.com’s Guide to Kids Cooking. (Food safety tip about eggs: Remember that boiled eggs will stay fresh in the refrigerator for about a week. Boiled eggs should not be kept unrefrigerated for more than two hours).

2. Blowing Out Eggs

An alternative to using hard-boiled eggs is using blown eggs for decorating Easter eggs. Blowing out eggs will allow you to keep your beautiful egg creations for years to come (unlike boiled eggs, which are perishable). Poking the small holes and blowing out the eggs is a tricky process that requires patience, but your grade-school age child should be able to manage with a bit of adult supervision.

3. Make Your Own Natural Dyes


Some people don’t relish the idea of using artificial food coloring for decorating Easter eggs. If you want to make your own natural dyes for decorating Easter eggs, try these recipes from About.com’s Guide to Chemistry. You and your grade-schooler will have fun experimenting with fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients to create vivid, non-artificial colors.

4. A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Easter Eggs with Kids

Katherine Lee

Spend more time having fun decorating Easter eggs with your kids and less time organizing with this step-by-step list of tips and instructions. With just a little pre-planning, you and your child will have all the tools and materials you need at your fingertips to create fun, colorful, and creative Easter eggs.

5. How to Make Easy Glittery Easter Eggs

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You can make these beautiful glittery Easter eggs with either boiled or blown-out Easter eggs. But you can also start with plastic eggs, which make the project much faster and allow you to create eggs that can be used for many Easters to come. Either way, you'll have gorgeous and glittery Easter eggs when you're done!


6. Beautiful, Fun Design Ideas

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Here are some great ideas for decorating Easter eggs from About.com’s Family Crafts Guide. You and your child can make beautiful and fun Easter eggs with these easy instructions on how to make everything from decoupaged tissue paper Easter eggs to crayon resist eggs. And for kids who want to create cute Easter critters with their Easter eggs, there are ideas for decorating Easter eggs that look like adorable bunnies and other animals. Use these examples as a springboard for your -- and your child’s -- own designs!

7. Colorful and Adorable Easter Egg Design Ideas

You and your family will love these adorable ideas for decorating Easter eggs from Family Fun. A flying bee or a bluebird made out of blown eggs and an adorable mouse or a sheep made out of a hard-boiled egg are just a few of the many colorful, cute and creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs. Your child can follow these designs, or create something unique using his or her imagination.

8. Easter Egg Designs for All Skill Levels

Leave it to the creative teams at Martha Stewart to come up with these sublime ideas for decorating Easter eggs. But as with many Martha, Inc. creations, some of these ideas fall more into the “to admire” category than the “to do” group, especially if you don’t have a staff at your beck and call. Still, some of these beautiful Easter egg ideas are more simple than others, so you and your grade-schooler can take a crack at copying them, or at least use them as inspiration for your own Easter egg designs.

9. Video on How to Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids

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Decorating Easter eggs with kids can be fun and easy with these step-by-step instructions. Check out this video to see how you can prepare your kids and ingredients to set up a relaxed and relatively mess-free process for decorating Easter eggs. As with so many kids’ projects, the better prepared you are in advance, the smoother and easier it will be to create beautiful Easter eggs.

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