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Blogging Life as a Parent


I love reading blogs. I read blogs on everything from cooking to politics to science. I love to hear people's stories and opinions, and the blogosphere has a wealth of both from all over the world. I thought it would be interesting to explore parenting stories and experiences from bloggers, and I was not disappointed. Many parenting blogs I read made me laugh, others made me mad, but they all made me realize that, just like me, most parents are just trying to figure it out day by day.

If you would like to explore the voices of parents who blog, these weblogs are excellent starting places. Visit with an open mind and an appreciation for parents who think like you do and those who don't. You may even be inspired to start blogging yourself!

  • DotMoms Hear a variety of voices at the multi-authored DotMoms site.
  • BusyMom.net Better Parenting Through Coffee is the subtitle of a lovely daily journal of this busy family.
  • Parenting Isn't Pretty A mom who blogs about her life with children who have a learning disability and fetal alcohol affects.
  • Mom and Pop Culture A funny and sometime raw blog that focuses on entertainment, celebrities, TV shows, and the culture in which we are raising our kids.
  • One Good Thing I laugh out loud reading this blog.
  • Rebel Dad A journalist dad who writes at home and blogs about the trend of stay-at-home dads. He has lots of links to other dad blogs.

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