1. Parenting

Parent-School Connections

Elementary school learning and life, parent involvement in schools, educational issues and resources for parents of elementary-age children.
Progress Tracking Tools for Parents of School-Age Children
Printable tools for parents to track elementary-age child's progress at school.
How to Help Your Child with Homework
Useful tips for helping your child at homework time from the book, How to Help Your Child with Homework
Q&A - Parent Involvement Newsletter
Elementary educator needs material to mail to parents to help them help their children with reading in the upper elementary grades.
Q&A - We Got a Bad Teacher
It seems like every school has a few teachers with bad reputations. Most parents are anxious about which teacher their child will get and are understandably upset when they get the one whom everyone wonders how in the world she got into elementary education and why she is still in the classroom.
Q&A - Child Cries About Going to School
A seven year old cries every morning, but seems to do fine when he gets to school. What can this parent do to help?
Back to School Promotions on the Web
Check out this year's back-to-school bargains, promotions, and freebies around the web.
Top 5 Ways to Thank Teachers
Five great ideas to thank your child's teacher for all that she does for your child.
School Uniform Poll
Are you in favor of school uniforms for your child's elementary school? Take our poll.
Poor Report Cards - What to Do
What parents can do when their child brings home a poor report card.
Back to School Around the Web
About Parenting of K-6 Children shares the best back to school tips and tools for parents.
Top Picks - Homework Helpers on Your Computer
About Parenting of K-6 Children picks the best homework helpers for families with elementary children.
Back to School - Getting Organized
Ideas to get through that first week with sanity and good temper intact.
Best of the Educational Web
Guide picks for the best web sites for parents of elementary school children.
Elementary School Tools on Your Computer
When I need to help my child with a homework project or solve a problem, I want to find something useful without spending hours searching. I have learned that we use certain tools regularly. These are the reference links that I keep on my Internet start page.
Organizing the Homework Center
Get off to a good start at homework time in your house. Stock a homework center with these essentials to help your child stay focused and organized.
About Elementary Educators
Gain insight to your child's elementary education from About Guide Beth Lewis.
DiscoverySchool.com for Parents
Discovery School is one of the more useful sites at homework time. Start at the Parent Section for articles and resources to enrich your child's education at home.
Education World Parents Community
Education World is so deep, I always start my search on an educational topic there. The Parent Center is a good place to start for home learning activities, articles, and web site reviews.
Family Education Network
Designed specifically for parents of school-age children, a deep and useful resource.
Your School Age Child at Scholastic.com
Advice and resources for parents of elementary age children from Scholastic.
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