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Child Development

Learn about the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of elementary-age children.
PBS Parents . Child Development | PBS
PBS' Child Development Tracker takes you through age six. It covers development in Language, Literacy, Math, Physical Health, Science, Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, and Creative Arts.
Child Development Basics
Helpful information on the intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development of children from Robert Myers, PhD, of the Child Development Institute. Look around for more articles on parenting topics.
Ages and Stages Articles from National Network for Child Care
Excellent articles on school-age child development.
Child Development from Elaine Gibson
I think this article will ease your mind about some of your child's problem behaviors and also help you recognize if your child's problems are outside of the normal range.
The Child Development Web Site
An online tutorial on classic child development theories by Linda Chapman, MSW.
ParenTalk Newsletter: Preteens
The National Parenting Center provides this extensive list of articles on child development from several excellent authors.
Steps and Stages, School Aged Children
Understanding normal development helps you deal with problem behaviors more effectively. Good stuff from Canadian Parents Online.

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