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Disruptive Behavior Disorders


Disruptive Behavior Disorders in children are characterized by poor social relationships due to extremes of aggressiveness, lying, defiance, irritability, blaming others, cruelty, stealing, destructiveness, and rage.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder is most often diagnosed in younger children. ODD may take one of several courses as the child develops:

  • Symptoms decrease and the child develops normally.
  • Related conditions, perhaps ADHD, Conduct or Mood Disorders, compound the severity of the child's dysfunction over time.
  • Symptoms change as the child develops and the ODD diagnosis changes to reflect a different disorder altogether.

Conduct Disorder usually begins early in the ODD child. Parents may see signs of cruelty to animals or other children, stealing, fire-setting, or lack of empathy, indicating the more dangerous Conduct Disorder. Conduct Disorder escalates as the child gets older, and the child becomes a danger to self and others. Though Conduct Disorder is a disorder of behavior, other psychological disorders such as ADHD or a Mood Disorder are frequently found in these kids. Successful treatment is possible with wrap-around interventions that address neurochemical, environmental, and cognitive-behavioral issues present in the child or adolescent exhibiting Conduct Disorder.

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