1. Parenting
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Activities to Build Your Child's Self Esteem


  • Sports- individual or team sports or a combination of both. This could include dance, gymnastics, golf, martial arts, running, swimming, as well as the many team sports. Start with lessons in elementary school.
  • Creative Play- art, music, crafts, building projects.
  • Family Meetings - provide opportunities for expressing opinions and feelings, learning to solve problems, and feeling connected to the family group.
  • Church- builds the child's sense of connectiveness and models. They feel part of something important when they are regularly involved with a church family, and learn the values that will guide their behavior.
  • Travel- teaches children to cope with new experiences and makes family memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Family Rituals and Traditions- enhance the child's sense of connectiveness and order. Holiday family gatherings and family traditions that are repeated over time build your child's self-esteem.

Helpful Resources for Parents

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