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Katherine Lee

What to Tell the Kids About Santa

By November 28, 2012

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Have you heard about the man who was taken into custody after telling kids there is no Santa? He was reportedly arrested for causing a disturbance (he was allegedly drunk) and for violating probation.

I can only imagine the damage control that had to be done by the parents whose children had attended the parade where this man had his selfish meltdown. Which brings me to the question: How do you handle it when your kids ask if Santa is real? I remember getting grilled by my son about the tooth fairy when he was 7 (he fell apart and began crying when I said I put the money under his pillow; I only just narrowly averted further disaster by telling him that wait, she probably is real but is super-busy and needs parents to help her; whew!).

Has your child asked you the "Is Santa Real" question? And if so, how did you handle it? To get some tips on how to finesse the dreaded Santa/tooth fairy/Easter bunny question, read my article, "The Truth About Santa and the Tooth Fairy".

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