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Readers Respond: What Do You Love Best About Your Child as a 7-Year-Old?

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What do you love the most about your child at age 7? And if your child is older now, what are your best or most unforgettable memories of your child at that age? What do/did you like the least?

my little builder

My son can put together those 400 piece Lego kits, and I find him quite amazing. He really sticks to the project, takes pride in his work, and produces the finished product in no time at all. Just love my guy!
—Guest jackie

the little organizor

My 7 Yr old helps unpack groceries and sort them out at home.Its amazing to see him engrossed in organizing the groceries.Also,he scatters his toys all around but at the end of it,he collects everything and his room is spic and span.He's a wonder at stacking,organizing and sorting.
—Guest manm


my daughter who is 7yrs like ironing her clothes on sunday's before going to church. strange enough she has never burnt her clothes. this makes us very proud of her. Also makes sure the younger brothers never uproot plants.
—Guest helpful

my snugglebug

my daughter is now eleven but what i remeber best about her and my son was the way that every night they would bring me a book and ask for reading snuggle time its something their dad started to create a time for me before i would go to work at night as a nurse special time for me and them that started when my kids were just toddlers. little things like this i hope my children will do someday for their own kids
—Guest kkeith

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