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10 Easy-to-Make Valentine's Day Boxes
Where to put all those school Valentines? Easy, adorable, and fun Valentine boxes to make with your child.
Valentine's Games for Kids' Valentine's Day...
Looking for some great ideas for Valentines party games for a celebration at home or at school? These fun and creative games are sure to be a hit.
100 Ideas for the 100th Day of School
On the 100th day of school, many students are asked to bring in 100th day collections made up of 100 items. Here are 100 ideas, some big and some small, for your child's 100th day collection.
11 Amazing Ways Parenting Changes You
Parenting can change your life forever in ways both big and small. Here are some significant changes that can happen when someone becomes a parent.
How to Make a Valentine's Day Heart Wreath
How to make a beautiful and easy heart wreath Valentine crafts for kids.
Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids
Searching for fun and easy ideas for Valentine crafts for kids? You and your grade-schooler can create great Valentine's Day gifts and cards with these ideas.
The Right Kind of Discipline For 6-Year-Old...
Six-year-old children are testing boundaries as they take steps toward more independence. At the same time, they are still young children who may resort to younger-child behaviors such as tantrums when things become too frustrating. Here are some child discipline solutions for behavior problems in 6-year-old children.
Facts to Help Parents Identify the Pros and...
Get the facts about the pros and cons of year-round schools with this analysis of whether they boost student performance and capacity to compete.
Easy and Pretty Valentine Boxes to Make with Kids
Learn how to make easy Valentine boxes with kids.
4 Strategies for Disciplining Your 7-Year-Old
What behavior problems are common in 7-year-old children? Here is an overview of what you can expect, and some ideas for how to handle discipline in children this age.
Common Behavioral Problems and Solutions in...
Five-year-old children are experiencing many changes and transitions. Here are some common behavioral problems and effective strategies for this phase of a child's development.
5 Milestones to Expect From Your Nine Year Old
Here are some of the physical, emotional, intellectual and social developments you can expect to see in a typical 9-year-old child.
3 Important Focuses to Prepare Your 10-Year Old...
An overview of what's going on in a typical 10-year-old child's life. As they straddle young childhood and adolescence, 10-year-old children are going through many changes and transformations. Here's a look at what you can expect to see in a typical 10-year-old child's development.
Your 8 Year Old Child's Development Milestones
Eight-year-olds are becoming more self-confident and are learning more about the world at large. Some changes may you see in your 8-year-old child.
6 Fun Valentine's Day Party Ideas
If you're hosting a kids' Valentine party, here are some great ideas that will make your next celebration a hit with your child and his friends. With just a little preparation and imagination, your party is sure to be a Valentine fun fest!
Milestones to Expect From Your 5-Year Old Child
Here's what you can expect to see in your 5-year-old's cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development.
100th Day of School: How Is It Celebrated?
What is the 100th day of school? Well, it's literally the 100th day of the school year, but the 100th day of school is also a great way for teachers to celebrate the various mathematical concepts that can be taught using the number 100.
The Four Types of Writing Your Child is...
There are four types of writing students will be expected to use as classes become more writing-intensive.
An Overview of Your 7-Year-Old Child's...
Seven-year-old children are becoming more confident in many of their skills at home and at school. Here's a look at the life of a typical 7-year-old.
Why Is Your 10-Year-Old Child So Emotional?
When it comes to emotions, 10 year old development is a stage that's fraught with constant changes. And change is exactly what your child is experiencing at this age, from physical development to new social and academic challenges. Here's a peek at what you might see in your 10-year-old child's emotional development.
Parents' Guide to Valentine's Day Celebrations...
If you're like many parents, you're groaning and wondering why your child has to give Valentine's Day cards to everyone in the class. Here's the answer to that question and five more common questions about Valentine's Day at school.
An Overview of a 6-Year-Old Child's Development
Here are some of the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social milestones you can expect your six-year-old to experience this year.
Your 8-Year-Old's Development: The 3 Major...
What are eight-year-olds thinking and feeling and doing? Here is an inside look at the lives of typical 8-year-old children.
3 Major Areas to Focus on in Your 9-Year-Old's...
Nine-year-old children still need the comfort of home but are becoming more independent and expressing more interest in the world beyond their family.
The 5 Major Areas to Focus On in Your...
Seven-year-old children require much less close supervision of daily routines such as dressing themselves, brushing their teeth, or doing chores.
How to Make Tissue Flowers in 10 Easy Steps
Tissue paper flowers are beautiful and easy to make, and are the perfect Valentine craft or spring craft for kids.
10 Myths About Head Lice...and the Real Facts...
Myths about head lice are nearly as persistent as lice themselves. Here are some of the most common misunderstandings about head lice.
5 Ways Your 6-Year-Old is Emotionally Maturing
At age 6, children will naturally spend more time with friends; but they may also need the security of routines, home, parents and family.
7 Effective Ways to Handle Defiant Children
The problem of how to handle defiant children is a common one. But parents can teach kids how to express themselves without being defiant. Here's how.
How Does a 10-Year-Old Develop Physically?
How does your ten-year-old child grow? Here is a look into what you can expect to see in your child's physical development this year.
5 Types of Development You'll Notice In 10-Year...
At age 10, you can expect to see a lot of changes in all areas of your child's life. Physically, emotionally, cognitively, and otherwise, your 10-year-old is experiencing growing independence and maturity as she heads toward adolescence.
How Emotionally Developed Is a Typical...
Nine-year-old children are becoming more independent and emotionally mature. Here's what you may see in your child's emotional development at age 9.
Emotional Development in 5-Year-Olds: What...
Emotions at age 5 mean contradictions: Five-year-old children are developing more self control but may sometimes have emotional meltdowns, too.
12 Fun and Challenging Online Math Games for Kids
Whether your child is just starting addition or is mastering fractions, these great online math games let kids have fun while they build math skills.
The 10 Most Common Behavior Problems and How to...
School-age children can exhibit some very challenging and frustrating common behavior problems as they become more independent and test boundaries.
Try These Valentine's Day Treats the Whole...
Try these yummy recipes for Valentine treats for kids, whether for a school party or a celebration at home. The best part: You and your child can make many of these easy, delicious recipes together.
Pretty and Very Easy Ways to Wrap Up Valentine...
These pretty DIY handmade Valentine treats gift wrap one of the easiest and prettiest Valentine crafts for kids.
Emotional Development of an 8-Year-Old: What to...
Emotional development for 8 year-old children is at a deeper level. Eight-year-olds are capable of more sophisticated and complex emotions.
Make This Mailbox-Shaped Paper Valentine Box in...
Where to put all those school Valentines: Learn how to make this pretty and super-useful paper mailbox Valentine box in just 7 simple steps.
A Day in the Life of a Five-Year-Old
Many 5-year-old children begin kindergarten, and routines at home will take on more importance as kids deal with these changes.
What are Typical Routines in the Life of a...
Here is a general overview of what you can expect in your 6-year-old child's behavior and daily routines.
How to Turn a Cereal Box into a Valentine Box...
With just a few simple materials, you can transform a cereal box into a pretty Valentine box for kids in a few easy steps.
How to Limit Your Child's Exposure to Technology
Technology can be a great and useful tool and source of entertainment for kids. But it's important for parents to keep in mind that screen time must be limited.
Find Out Why Children Need Discipline
There are many reasons why parents need to discipline children. First and foremost, discipline is necessary for children to grow up into healthy and happy adults. Children who do not have discipline do not develop the tools necessary to do well, such as get along with others, know how to cooperate and share, and be able to make friends and navigate challenges and relationships. Read on for more reasons to discipline children.
What Type of Emotional Development Can You...
A 7-year-old child will have more emotional maturity than before, and will navigate transitions or unexpected changes and exercise more self-control.
How to Spot Anxiety in Young Children
School-age children can get stressed coping with tests, homework, and social pressures. Parents can help by looking for signs of stress and anxiety.
How to Handle Anxiety in Children
Anxiety is a common problem in children. But by taking a few simple measures, parents can reduce and even prevent stress and anxiety in kids.
How to Handle a Child Who is Talking Back
Talking back to parents is a common behavior that can be frustrating and upsetting. Here's how to handle backtalk with calm and assurance.
The 9 Biggest Discipline Mistakes Parents Make
Making discipline mistakes is an inevitable part of parenting a child. Read about common discipline mistakes we all make and how to fix them.
Cognitive Development of a 5-Year-Old: What to...
The cognitive development of a 5-year-old child is action-packed as they start kindergarten and learn math, reading, and so much more.
Physical Development of a 9-Year-Old: What to...
Nine-year-old children stand on the cusp of adolescence. Here is an overall picture of what you can expect in your child's growth and physical development this year.
1st Grade Math Basics: What Is a Fact Family?
One of the more common concepts taught in first grade math is the fact family (or fact families). If you've never heard of this, it's actually quite easy.
What Are Cognitive Skills? A Definition of...
What are cognitive skills? At each age, your child reaches cognitive skill milestones. Learn what cognitive skills are.
8 Year Old Child Physical Development: What You...
For 8-year-olds, this period of physical development continues to be one of refinement rather than major, noticeable changes.
How to Make a Shoe Box Valentine Box in 4 Easy...
Make a Valentine box using an old shoe box in 4 easy steps.
7 Things to Do When Kids Lie
When children lie, it can be upsetting for parents. Here's how you can keep your cool and handle lying in children with love and reassurance.
How Do 10-Year-Olds Socialize?
Social development in 10-year-olds is all about shifting connections. Children this age will be more interested in spending time with friends and will form new opinions and thoughts about the world around them as their own worlds expand and grow.
Physical Development of a 6-Year-Old: What to...
At age 6, children will also grow at different rates, and it is normal to see a range in height and physical growth at this age.
How to Make Paper Flowers
Easy instructions for how to make paper flowers out of crepe paper with kids
7 Effective Ways to Stop a Child's Whining
Whining is a common behavior problem in children. Here's how you can teach your child to stop whining and speak clearly to express himself.
How to Spot Early Signs of a Reading Problem
Not every child who's slow to read has a reading problem. But early intervention is crucial to helping kids with reading problems such as dyslexia. Look for these signs of reading delays, and have your child evaluated to see how you can help.
13 Steps to Making a Butterfly Valentine's Day...
Here is a cute idea for a butterfly homemade Valentine Card that you can make with your kids.
What's Normal Physical Development in a...
Here is a general picture of what you may see in the physical development and motor skills of a child who is 5 years old.
7 Fun Outdoor Party Games
Whether your party is in your backyard, a local park, or even the beach, these timeless and fun outdoor party games will be a hit with kids.
7 Pretty and Easy Homemade Valentine Cards
Creating homemade Valentine cards with your child is not only fun, but it can be a money-saver, especially if you are making a bunch of cards for friends and classmates.
Is Your Child Refusing to Go to School? What...
When a child refuses to go to school many parents will wonder what they're doing wrong, but they are not alone. Dealing with school refusal relies on understanding what's behind it and working with a team of professionals to help your child through this tough time.
How to Make Pop-Up Valentine's Cards
These adorable Valentine's Day cards are as fun to make as they are fun to share. You and your grade-schooler can create these pop-up cards for family, friends, classmates -- anyone on your Valentine's Day list!
Find Out How Smart a 6-Year-Old Really Is
For 6-year-old children, cognitive development will step up to a whole new level as they tackle reading and math and learn more about the world.
4 Reasons Kids Are Bored at School
For some children, being bored at school is an ongoing complaint, one that causes real distress and can even lead to school avoidance or school refusal behaviors. There are at least 4 reasons to consider when your child is bored at school.
How Socially Developed Is a Typical 7-Year-Old?
Seven-year-old children will develop close friendships, and will enjoy forming close attachments. They will develop empathy, fairness, and morals.
Physical Development of a 7-Year-Old: What to...
For 7-year-old children, motor skills and coordination will continue to become refined and they transition into being big kids.
Social Development of 8-Year-Olds: What to Expect
You may begin to see a newfound sense of self-confidence in your 8-year-old child as she expresses her opinions about people and things around her. She may pay more attention to news events, and want to share her thoughts on current event topics. At home and at school, 8-year-old children will enjoy friendships and thrive in sports teams and other social groups. Eight-year-old children will generally enjoy going to school and will want to engage in the social world of friends and classmates.
Outdoor Party Games for Kids - Steal the Bacon
This great outdoor party game encourages great skills in kids such as listening as well as exercising their minds and honing their reflexes.
Pretty, Easy Homemade DIY Valentine Cards to...
Here are easy, step-by-step instructions for how to make pretty and festive homemade Valentine Cards for Kids that are simple and inexpensive.
What Kids Learn in Kindergarten
Kindergarten kids work hard and learn a lot in very short time. Not only is kindergarten a year to get used to the routine of school, the idea of being accountable to a new authority figure and to make new friends, but, as kindergarten teachers will tell you, it's a crucial year to build the foundation for learning.
Are Your Kids' Chores Appropriate for Their Age?
Here's a helpful guide to find age-appropriate chores plus some general tips on how to make chores more fun and rewarding for your school-age child.
Intelligence Tests Used in Assessment for...
A parents' guide to understanding the IQ test results on the child's psychoeducational assessment. Page 2.
5 Social Skills Kindergarteners Need to Have
Social skills that are important for kindergarten remain just as important during the rest of your child's school career and adult life, but at this age and stage these social emotional skills really begin to take root. Many of these social emotional milestones will make your child's transition to kindergarten much easier.
How Do 5-Year-Olds Develop Socially?
Five-year-olds are engaging much more in interactions with friends and playmates, learn how to share and cooperate, and develop close friendships.
How Smart Is a 10-Year-Old?
What's going on in the mind of your 10-year-old child? Here's a fascinating look at the bustle of activity and development.
Improve Your Child's Fine Motor Skills with...
Whether your child is working on kindergarten readiness skills or is already in school, tasks requiring fine motor skills can often present difficulties. Here are some fun activities to try at home to build up those motor skills and control.
Okay, Now Spell P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E
If your child isn't expected to spell her words out loud for the test, why practice spelling words that way at home? Try some creative ways to practice those spelling words.
How to Make Pretty Valentine Card Holder...
How to make super-easy and very pretty Valentine card holders with kids in 7 easy steps.
How School-Age Kids Develop Each Year
Example: By age 5,most children can hop,skip,jump,and even stand on one foot for a few seconds. See such guidelines for each year from 5 to 10.
Graphic Organizers for Students: What Are They?
A series of visual charts and tools used to represent and organize a student's knowledge or ideas.
Cookie Decorating Party for Kids
Decorating cookies can be a great way for grade-schoolers to unleash their inner artist. Here's how you can host a cookie decorating party for kids for your next holiday or celebration.
What is Mental Math?
A short definition of the term Mental Math.
Kindergarten Readiness Checklist
Here's a short checklist of kindergarten readiness skills to help you gauge how ready your child is for kindergarten.
Charts & Chips - Using A Behavior...
Easy steps to start a behavior modification system with your child.
What Are Word Attack Skills?
Fluent readers often have great. School-Age Children.
What Child Discipline Is -- and What It...
One helpful way to think about child discipline is to see it as another way to teaching your child life lessons rather than as something you do to punish your child for misbehaving. When you show your child what is appropriate behavior and provide the security that comes from loving but firm boundaries and expectations, you are laying down the foundation from which she will grown to make good choices for herself.
The Best Kid-Friendly Christmas Games
Whether you're hosting a Christmas party for kids at home or at school or at church, some great games for kids will be an important factor in having a successful party. Here are some great ideas for Christmas games for kids.
Reading Programs: What is Basal Reading...
Basal reading instruction differs from a guided reading program in that it uses texts that are written to teach reading, as opposed to using written texts to teach reading. Simply put, this means that the program has been specifically designed to teach skills that have been proven to be helpful in learning to read.
What's an IQ? Questions About IQ Testing
IQ testing is used by schools to help make determinations for special education and gifted/talented programs, but many parents have questions about IQ testing. Here are answers to common questions.
7 Great Ways to Save Money on a Kids' Birthday...
Hosting fun kids' birthday parties doesn't have to mean spending a ton of money. Here are some great ideas for organizing a kids' party on a budget.
6 Things You Should Know Before Your Child...
Find out 5 things kindergarten teachers wish parents knew about before their children start school. Learn what parents need to know about kindergarten from the teacher perspective.
What You Can Expect from Your 8-Year-Old's...
Your 8-year-old may surprise you with his depth of thinking and insightful observation about something he learned or experienced at home or at school.
What to Do When a Child Won't Go to Bed
What to do when your child won't go to bed and fights sleep at bedtime.
Is Your Child a Leftie or a Rightie?
If your child's teacher notes he hasn't chosen a dominant hand, you may wonder what that means. Hand dominance isn't something you can decide for him.
7 Ways You Can Help Prevent and Stop Bullying
While bullying may be a more common problem among middle-school and high-school age children, the fact is that school bullying can occur among younger elementary school kids as well. In fact, setting the foundations to help your child learn what bullying is and how to handle it are important ways to prevent and stop bullying in school. Here's what parents need to know about how to recognize, prevent and stop bullying.
How Socially Developed Is a Typical 9-Year-Old?
The social network of 9-year-old children is expanding beyond Mom and Dad. They will care more about what others think, which could lead to peer pressure.
7 Effective Ways to Discipline Children
Disciplining children who are grade-school age means that you can talk to your child about his behavior and that he is developmentally ready to listen. As children get older, they are better able to handle frustrations and setbacks, and have more self-control. That said, tantrums and meltdowns aren't completely over, and parents will still have to negotiate those behaviors in school-age kids.
Valentine Crafts for Kids - How to Make a...
All you need is some colored paper and a cookie cutter to make this fun linking hearts paper chain Valentine craft with kids.
Parents' Guide to Fraction Homework
You may know that a fraction is a part of a whole, but do you know how to reduce, multiply, add, divide or subtract fractions? If not, it's hard to give your child help with fraction homework. Learn more about fractions in this parent's guide.
5 Cognitive Skills That Are Important for...
At this age and stage of his life, your kindergarten child is thinking about everything and in a variety of new ways. Though the growth you see in your child this year is extraordinary, there are a few of those cognitive skills that are particularly important for kindergarten.
7 Habits That Will Strengthen Your Parent-Child...
Learn the habits that will strengthen your parent child bond.
What is Math Anxiety and How Can You Help a...
How can parents help a child who is experiencing math anxiety? Here are some reasons why math anxiety happens and what parents can do to overcome it.
10 Best Foods to Boost Your Immune System
While no one food is a silver bullet for optimal immune system function, here are some superstar foods that you should include in your diet, especially when heading into cold and flu season.
What is a School Lockdown Drill?
The definition of school lockdown drills and what you can expect from one when your child is in a school lockdown drill.
Are Violent Video Games Training Kids to Think...
Violent video games effects and how violence in video games teaches kids to practice, think, and act aggressively.
Kids' Birthday Party Invitations
Ideas for fun and festive ideas for kids' birthday party invitations to make at home. Making your own invitations lets your child create her own design and is a great way to save money!
How Your 6-Year-Old Makes Friends: Social...
Six-year-old children will naturally gravitate toward more independence and will increasingly begin to focus more on friendships with peers.
Valentine Crafts for Kids - How to Make Rainbow...
Make rainbow and pretty patterned hearts to make homemade Valentine's Day cards with a heart punch and washi tape or colorful paper.
What is Single Sex Education?
There's been a lot of conversation about public schools moving to single-sex education. But what is single-sex education? Learn the definition of single-gender education.
Your 9-Year-Old Child's Cognitive Development:...
Many 9-year-old children are curious about the world and how things work. Here's what you can expect to see in a 9-year-old's cognitive development.
What Do Kids Learn in 1st Grade?
Reading takes off, math becomes more complex and science and social studies explore beyond kids' inner circles. State-by-state, lessons and topics may vary, but there are some common topics 1st grade kids will learn this year.
All About Your 7-Year-Old Child's Cognitive...
Your seven-year-old child will love learning, and will be enthusiastically engaged in schoolwork or subjects that interest him.
How to Spot Head Lice Symptoms
What symptoms to look for if you suspect that your child may have contracted head lice.
What Is Bullying?
What is the definition of bullying?
Easy Mini School Valentine Cards You Can Make...
Easy and pretty mini Valentine cards to make for the entire class in minutes.
Teaching Kids Good Table Manners
At home or away, good table manners are crucial for kids. Even young children can be taught basic good table manners, and these etiquette lessons will carry a child into adolescence and beyond.
What Will Your Child Learn in First Grade?
Your first grader is becoming more sure of herself and her surroundings. Here's an overview of what you can expect as your child navigates her way through first grade.
Kids' Party Games - How to Host a Game-Themed...
A great idea for your next kids' birthday party or other celebration is to host a game-themed party. Some great ideas for kids' party games include classic board games, outdoor games, or video games or fun apps that get kids moving.
How to Make Heart-Shaped Valentine Love Notes...
Learn how to make these lovely folded heart love notes in 7 easy steps. They are one of the easiest and prettiest homemade Valentine cards you can make with--and for--kids!
What You Can Expect in: 2nd Grade
Second graders are seasoned pros when it comes to knowing how school works. Here is some of what you can expect to see in your child in the 2nd grade school year.
Treat Your Kid's Cold Symptoms with These...
With the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines under scrutiny for grade-school age children (and the recent recommendation that these medications not be used in kids under age 4), natural remedies are a much more attractive option for parents who want to help relieve their kids' cold symptoms. Try these tips for natural symptom relief.
7 Ways to Handle Dawdling Kids
Dawdling is a common problem among school-age children. But with a little love, understanding, and patience, you can help your child move things along and get back on track.
Giving Consequences As A Parent
The purpose of a consequence for misbehavior is for the child to look at the result of their behavior and learn from it. The Big List of Consequences will give you some ideas for consequences for your child. Page 2.
What Do Kids Learn in 4th Grade?
Kids learn a number of new things in 4th grade, both socially and academically.
Child Development, Age-by-Age
Child developmental milestones you can expect to see from ages 5 to 10.
Help With 5th Grade Math: The Forgiving Method...
If you're trying to help your 4th and 5th graders with math homework, it's not always easy. Many teachers and math books are using a new technique known as the Forgiving Method of Long Division for 5th grade division. So, let's learn how to do it.
Frequently Asked Questions About Head Lice
When it comes to head lice, parents have lots of questions. Here are the most commonly-asked questions about head lice and their answers.
Fun Indoor Activities for Kids
Great ideas for fun, creative, and active indoor activities to do with the kids when it's rainy, snowy, or too cold to play outside.
Tips to Ease Back to School Anxiety
After months of summer vacation, it's common for children to experience back-to-school anxiety. Here are some of the things kids typically feel anxious about, and what parents can to do help ease the transition back to a school routine.
What to Do When Your Child is Bored at School
When your child is bored at school, ask some questions, starting with the big one: why is my child bored at school?
Head Lice in School - What Schools and Families...
Managing head lice in schools is moving toward allowing children who have lice and nits to continue coming to class. Here's a look at what's behind the new policy and what schools and parents can do to handle cases of lice in school.
How to Deal With a Bad Report Card
When your child brings home a bad report card, your first instinct might be to yell and punish, but a bad report card really isn't the end of the world. Knowing how to deal with a bad report card can take some finesse.
What Are Decoding Skills?
When it comes to reading you hear a lot about decoding skills. What does decoding really mean?
What Do Kids Learn in 2nd Grade?
For many kids, 2nd grade marks the beginning of being one of the
9 Sites that Offer Free, Challenging Coloring...
Here are some ideas for sites to go to for free coloring pages for kids who are of school age, whether they are in kindergarten or older grade-schoolers who can choose more complicated pictures.
Tons of Kids' Birthday Cake Ideas
Looking for birthday cake ideas for your child's next celebration? Check out these great ideas for kids' birthday cakes and recipes.
Teaching Your Child Good Personal Hygiene
Health and hygiene go hand in hand. Here are some great tips on how to teach children good personal hygiene habits.
How to Make Paper Fan Decorations
Easy instructions for how to make hanging paper fan decorations.
7 Ways to Build Healthy Eating Habits in Kids
Whether your child is an adventuresome foodie or a picky eater, you can steer him toward healthy eating habits.
8 Fun Beach Games for Kids
The next time you're headed to the beach, try these fun beach games for kids. Kids can have lots of fun at the beach just splashing in the waves or digging holes in the sand or burying dad or mom, but these games can be perfect for when the kids are looking for something else to do.
10 Steps to Making Paper Fans for Kids
Learn how to make paper fans with kids that are easy, pretty, and fun to make!
Great Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Check out these great birthday party ideas for kids for inspiration and tips to plan your next birthday party for your child or another celebration with kids.
8 Effective Ways to Handle Sibling Fighting and...
Even the best sibling relationships can be occasionally interrupted by fighting or rivalry. But parents can help siblings build a loving bond.
Developmental Milestones for Elementary School
It's not just babies who hit developmental milestones, there are developmental milestones for elementary school age children, too. With each year of school, your child faces new challenges that require her to continually acquire new sets of cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills.
What is Regrouping?
An explanation of regrouping, the math processes you may remember being called

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