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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

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Ten-year old girls cope with cliques, as an insider, an outsider, or both, on a daily basis. At ten, girls are very posssessive of their friends and can be demanding and jealous. They are constantly getting mad at or not speaking to a same-sex friend, usually because the other girl was friendly to someone else.

Girls begin spending the night with each other, sharing secrets and being best friends. Because exclusion and put downs are so common, parents need to keep a sharp eye on girls' friendships and cliques.

Most girls aren't really interested in boys at age ten, though some will begin to have crushes on popular boys. Girls and boys play together well in groups or team sports at age ten.

Ten-year old boys have an easier time with friendships. Boys' relationships tend to be based on mutual interests rather than close, personal feelings. Ten may have a few best friends and casual relationships with other boys on a team or in clubs such as Scouts.

Boys are seldom interested in girls at age ten, except to tease them or scare them. Many boys claim to hate girls at this age. Some will have a 'girlfriend' but are very casual about it.

Ten year olds have good ability to sense the emotions of others and to read facial and body language. At ten, acceptance by the peer group is a critical step that seems to have a strong effect on the next level of development. Poor peer acceptance at age ten is a strong predictor of behavioral and emotional problems in adolescence.

Ten year olds do feel very close to their parents, siblings, and extended family. Both boys and girls are happy to spend time with family in activities and outings. They do have frequent squabbles with siblings, fighting especially with younger siblings. They get along better with an older sibling, but may get their feelings hurt from criticism, teasing, or exclusion by their older brother or sister.

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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

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