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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

The Ten Year Old at Play


Activities and Interests

The ten year old's motor skills are now well developed and he is an excellent cyclist, skater, and swimmer. Many also show great skill at sports such as baseball and soccer.

Ten-year old boys and girls love to watch TV. They follow their favorite sports teams and know all the details of their favorite TV programs. They are also beginning to be aware of popular singers and groups. While they may enjoy have an MP3 player with a few age-appropriate artists, they aren't yet obsessed with popular music and culture. Ten doesn't like practicing her musical instrument alone, though she may enjoy playing or singing with a group.

Ten year olds are becoming skilled at favorite video and computer games. Parents should be cautious about age-appropriate video games. Focus on racing, skill, or sim games and avoid teen-rated video games with violent themes. Ten will love a beginner-level digital camera to take pictures of family and friends. Some who have computer experience will be able to upload and play with digital photos on the family computer.

Suggested Toys for Ten Year Olds

  • Bicycle
  • Skates, scooters, sleds, jump rope
  • Tools and materials for building outdoor forts, clubhouses, and treehouses
  • Board games, card games, jigsaw puzzles
  • Action figures, dolls, or trading card collections
  • Scrapbooks, paper projects
  • Science, nature, arts, and crafts kits
  • Spy toys
  • TV or DVD player; age-appropriate video games
  • Inexpensive digital camera
  • Books about animals, sports, school life

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Child Development - The Ten Year Old

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