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Valentine Party Games for Kids


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C-U-P-I-D Bingo


  • Pink posterboard or tagboard
  • Inexpensive Bingo game (You should be able to find one for about $6.00 at a discount store)
  • Marker, Scissors, and Ruler
  • Valentine conversation heart candy
  • Several prizes


  1. Cut out as many Bingo cards as you will need from the pink posterboard.
  2. Use a marker to draw the grids and numbers. Use the Bingo cards from the game you bought as your guide.
  3. Instead of BINGO, print CUPID at the top.
  4. Draw a simple heart for the Free Space.

Game Play:

  • Call the game using the balls from the Bingo game you bought. Don't forget to substitute the CUPID letters for the BINGO ones. You'll get the hang of it quickly!
  • Children use Valentine converstation heart candy to mark their cards. When a child fills a row, he yells, 'Cupid!' Play several games and give prizes to the winners.

Grade Range:

Bingo is best for grades 3 through 6.

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