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Valentine Party Games for Kids


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Cupid Contest


  • Pink aned red construction paper
  • Small Valentine stickers
  • Marker, Scissors
  • Two baskets to hold the hearts during game play
  • Small prizes for the winning teams


  1. Trace twenty 4-6 inch hearts on the red construction paper.
  2. Write the letters C-U-P-I-D on five of the hearts. Place a Valentine sticker on each of the remaining fifteen hearts.
  3. Repeat with the pink construction paper.
  4. Put the red hearts in one basket and the pink hearts in the other.

Game Play:

  • Arrange the children's desks into a circle for the party. (Or let children stand in a circle or in two lines.)
  • Divide the class into two groups.
  • One side draws the red hearts and the other draws pink hearts.
  • Alternating between each group, let a child draw a heart from the basket.
  • If the child draws a letter heart, he places it on the floor. The first team to spell out CUPID wins!
  • Give each child on the winning team a small treat or prize. If you have time to play the game twice, cross your fingers that the other team wins the second round.
  • While one parent is leading the game inside the circle, another parent can pass out the children's refreshments from the outside.

Grade Range:

Write the word CUPID on the board for early spellers to follow. Play in grades kindergarten through 4.

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