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Time for You

Time Out! All childcare and no play will make you a very stressed parent. How to spice up your love life, quick and easy stress relievers, and other tips and ideas to pamper and nurture moms and dads.

Best Beauty Products for Busy Moms
If you are a busy, tired, and stressed mom, you can fake a good night's sleep with these natural and organic beauty products that leave you glowing and looking your best.

Best Ways Parents Can Feel Good and Look Good
Parents are often so busy taking care of kids, home, and work that their own needs inevitably get sidelined. Here are some ways parents can be healthy and feel and look their best.

Walk Off the Weight and Other Ideas for Exercise for Parents
Finding the right exercise routine and fitting it into busy schedules is a parent's constant challenge. Here are some ideas for how parents can walk off the weight and find other exercise routines that work for them.

How Parents Can Find Time to Exercise
Finding the time to work out can be difficult for parents. But making time for fitness is important, and benefits not only the parents but children as well since they follow their parents' example.

Timeless and Simple Beauty Tips for Moms
Moms are often so busy, they may skip beauty routines in a rush to get out the door in the morning or take care of evening routines. But the fact is, there are many easy, inexpensive, and simple beauty tips that can be incorporated into a busy mom's daily routines. Here are some great ideas for how to stay gorgeous while you get things done.

Fall Beauty Makeover for Moms
Summer is the time when kids relax and recharge, but what about moms? Between running around with kids to the pool or beach and spending more time taking care of them at home playing chef, playmate, and all-around super mom, you've probably had less time to take care of yourself (and have the sun- and chlorine-stressed hair and skin to prove it....

Book Review: Cinderella Ate My Daughter
New York Times Magazine contributing writer Peggy Orenstein explores the genesis of this "pinking" of girls in her well-written and thoughtful book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture. She explores the issue of whether or not the princesses and tiaras that permeate everything from TV,...

Book Review: Bad Mother
A book review of Bad Mother: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities, and Occasional Moments of Grace, by Ayelet Waldman.

Great Fitness Classes for Moms
Fitness classes that are great for moms include kickboxing classes and boot camp classes. You can even learn self-defense while working out by taking martial arts classes such as krav maga. Check out your gym or fitness center for these latest trends in fitness classes that will get you toned and de-stressed.

Planning Girlfriend Getaways
Can't remember the last time you didn't have to worry about taking care of someone? That's a sign that you are overdue for a mom-vacation. Here are some great ideas for getting away from responsibilities, bonding with your friends, ditching the guilt, and recharging your mom batteries.

7 Tips to Spice Up Your Marriage
What are some ways happy couples spice up their marriage? The list of best relationship-building habits includes sending naughty texts and doing the chores.

How to Have a Happy Marriage While Juggling Family and Work
What are some great ways you can keep your marriage happy while meeting the demands of work and home? Here are some terrific tips from About.com's Guide to Working Moms, Katherine Lewis.

Yoga at Home
No time to take a yoga class? Pop in a DVD after the kids are in bed and yoga-pose away your stress. Namaste!

Girlfriend Getaways in the Caribbean
Need something beyond a "girls' night out"? Here are some great ideas for a Caribbean getaway with your friends. A few days of bliss away from mommy and wife duty and you'll be a whole new you.

Great Makeup Tips for Moms: Concealer, Foundation, Blush
Busy moms know the power of great concealers. Here are some terrific tips on how to cover up those dark under-eye circles and get your glow on.

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