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Temper Tantrums

Information and resources for parents to cope with children's temper tantrums
How to Handle a Temper Tantrum
An older child who throws a temper tantrum is letting you know that he needs to learn the boundaries of what he can and cannot do.
6 Ways to Help Kids Express Anger Constructively
By Dr. Michele Borba at Foster Parent Community.
Anger Management Skills for Parents and Children
Learn a new approach to managing your own and your child's anger at Ron Huxley's Anger Toolbox.
The Dynamics of Anger in Children
Practical explanation of different anger responses in children and how to handle them. Lynne Namka at Get Your Angries Out.
Helping Young Children Deal with Anger
ERIC Digest by Marian Marion. Great advice.
How to Handle Verbal Abuse
What parents can do when a child becomes verbally abusive, by Pauline D. Ruthrauff at FosterParenting.com.
Managing Tantrums in Older Children
Advice from Dr. William Sears.
The Physical Activity "Time Out" for Angry Kids
Time outs don't work with your child? Try these ideas for active time outs. At Cyberparent.
Plain Talk About Dealing With the Angry Child
Great tips from Luleen S. Anderson, Ph.D.
Rules for Getting Your Mads Out - For Kids
Get Your Angries Out tips for kids from Lynne Namka.
Taming Temper Tantrums
Lesia Oesterreich, M.S., Family Life Specialist, Iowa State University
Things Parents Can Say To Ward Off A Child's Mad Attack
One of several helpful articles at Get Your Angries Out.
Understand the Different Types of Temper Tantrums
Advice for dealing with different types of temper tantrums. Review of Ilg & Ames at ahealthyme.com
Verbal Interventions with Aggressive Children & Youth
Written for teachers, this strategy could be used effectively at home. By Rick Van Acker.
When Children Tantrum - The Older Child
By Carol Warnemuende, Ph.D. at The Informed Parent
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