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How to Have a Great Family Movie Night

Tips on choosing the best new kids movies, classic kids movie DVDs, and more


Looking for ideas for your next family movie night? Whether you go out or stay home, here are some ideas for how to find the best new kids movies in theaters or create a fun family movie night at home.

1. Choose the Right Kids Movies for Your Family Movie Nights

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The first step in having a great family movie night is to find the best movie for your family. Not sure which new kids movies in theaters or new family movies out on DVD are right for your brood? To find out which kids movies are worth your family’s time and money and are free of content you might find objectionable for your grade-schooler, check out these tips for choosing the right kids movies for your family movie nights.

2. New Kids Movies in Theaters and Best New DVDs

Looking for the latest kids movies for your next family movie night? Check out the calendar of new kids movies in theaters by Carey Bryson, About.com’s Kids’ Movies & TV guide. You can view the new kids movies trailers, read about the plot, and get lots of useful information about a new family movie such as why you and your family might or might not like it and whether or not it has questionable content that might not be right for kids.

3. Create the Fun of Family Movie Night in Theaters Right at Home

Going out to see the latest new kids movies in theaters can be tough on the family budget. For a fraction of the cost, you can bring the fun of going out to the theater right to your living room. Try these fun and easy tips for everything from setting up a home concession stand to creating movie tickets from Apryl Duncan, Stay-at-Home Moms Guide. You'll have a great family movie night at home.

4. Eight Classic Children's Movies to Delight the Kids

When was the last time you checked out Pinocchio? How about Mary Poppins? Take a trip down your own memory lane as you introduce your kids to these great classic kids movies. A great family movie night doesn’t have to mean finding the latest kids movies in theaters. See these classic kids movies and remind yourself why they’re classics.

5. Disney's Animated Classic Children's Movies of the 1930s and 1940s

Snow White, Dumbo, Bambi -- these are what was once pretty much it when it came to kids movies. The animation is still pretty impressive considering it was way before CGI. But you may want to take another look at these movies from a parent’s perspective before you pop in the DVD: These kids movies almost uniformly dealt with some decidedly dark topics such as the loss of a parent and kid endangerment (what is that about, anyway?).

6. Top 5 Kids/Family Movies About Baseball

If you or your kids are baseball fans, you’re gonna love this list of the best baseball kids movies. Even if your family isn’t into baseball, you may love the stories. Just be sure to check out the content descriptions to ensure that these kids movies fit with what you want your kids to watch.

7. Get Some Great Snacks


Family movie night wouldn't be complete without some snacks to munch on while you enjoy your movie. Try these healthy snack ideas that kids will love. And if your family loves popcorn, choose from these yummy popcorn recipes or just pop some kernels in a pot over the stove with a little canola oil for an extra-healthy and simple treat.

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