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May Baskets

A Neighborly Project for Kids


My mother reminded me of this sweet project that we did when I was a child. The May basket is an old-fashioned tradition that will delight your special friends and neighbors. Kids love it because they put the basket on the neighbor's door, ring the bell, and run and hide!

I like the idea of using fresh flowers in a May basket. Look in your local craft and hobby store for a doorknob basket. You might also look for a small flower girl basket in the wedding department of the craft store.

Buy inexpensive blooms at your local discount store and put them in a clean container with water.

Line the basket with a plastic freezer bag. You can either use floral foam at the bottom of the basket or fold a square of floral netting into the basket. If you use the floral foam, wire and tape the flowers and simply stick them in the wet foam. If you use the floral netting method, you simply place the blooms through the netting, which will hold them for a pretty arrangement.

Add a bit of moss to hide the wire or foam. Tie a colorful raffia ribbon around the basket and you have a darling May basket to share with friends. Add a small card that says Happy May Day from your child, so that she can have the pleasure of receiving the thank you's.

On May 1, make your secret rounds to neighbors, family and friends. Let your child have the fun of placing the baskets on the front doorknobs.

Tips and Ideas for Making Fresh Flower May Baskets

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