1. Parenting

Educational Services for SED Children

Articles and links for parents on issues of education of children with mental health disorders.
Addressing Student Problem Behavior
A plan for using functional behavioral assessment and positive behavior support for SED kids at school.
Dictionary of Special Education Terms
Keep this resource to use when you read the reports and documents that accompany your child's special education process.
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support
Start at this introduction to Positive Behavioral Support for your SED child at school. Scroll down for sample forms, record sheets, and teacher assistance forms.
Prereferral - First Step to Address Child's Learning Needs
If your child's emotional or behavioral disorder causes learning problems, start with the prereferral process at your school to request reasonable accommodations and modifications before she’s referred for special education evaluation for SED.
Special Education Guide for Parents and Advocates
Oregon Advocacy Center takes you through the basics of the process of obtaining school services for your child. Many more resources at the center.
Special Education Law & Advocacy Strategies
Reed Martin J.D. shares a wealth of information on special education law and advocacy strategies for parents. Quite a bit on Section 504, which includes services for mental illness.
Special Education Mediation - A Guide for Parents
Some schools are reluctant to modify for the SED child, and parents may need to use mediation to obtain needed school services.
U.S. State by State Resources for SED
Up-to-date and well organized state resources for parents of children with disabling mental disorders. National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Understanding Tests and Measurements
WrightsLaw gives a concise guide to the tests and assessment batteries your child may receive. Readable, accurate
WrightsLaw Articles on Parent Advocacy
Start at this superb page at the extensive site for special education law and advocacy.
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