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Science Fair Science - What to Do For a Science Fair Project

Exploring Science Fair Science


Often children are stumped by science fair science, which is slightly different than everyday science. With a science fair project, students have to choose a topic and a type of science fair project all by themselves. Though he may know that he likes electricity or is interested in the stars, your child may be stuck in figuring out where to go from there. Check out these great ideas and images of projects in the different realms of science.


1. Electricity and Electronics

Science Fair Science - What to Do For a Science Fair Project
Take 2 Productions/Getty Images

If your child likes to run his feet on the carpet and then shock everyone around him, this is the topic for him! From static electricity to building simple circuits and electromagnets, something in this gallery of science projects is bound to catch his interest.

2. Astronomy

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Collection

If your little stargazer prefers to discuss what she sees in the sky to going to bed at night, here’s the gallery of projects to which she should be directed. Ideas range from  building her own planetarium to learning how to use the stars for navigation.

3. Engineering

Nayu Kim/Flickr

Does your child spend his spare time creating ramps and jumps for his bicycle? Aside from your concerns about safety, you should rejoice in the fact that you might have an engineer in the making. Put his abilities to creative use by choosing a project from this gallery.

4. Physics

Alvesgaspar/Wikimedia Commons

A budding magician may like to try a project in physics so that she can astound her peers with the amazing floating needle or a balloon rocket. This project gallery provides some fun ideas for showing how the laws of physics work.

5. Earth Science

Tsuneo Yamashita/Getty Images

Children who show an interest in current events that involve natural disasters may be able to soothe their worries a bit by exploring the circumstances behind the phenomena. This gallery provides experiment ideas about things such as tornadoes and the water cycle.

6. Chemistry

Digital Vision/Getty Images

If your child already has begun mixing compounds together (even if it is only Coke and Mountain Dew), then she’s already a chemist in the making. Help her find more productive outlets with this gallery, which gives ideas about creating Gak, growing crystals and other chemistry projects.

7. Biology

Schultheiss Selection GmbH & CoKG/Getty Images

The world around us is a fascinating place, with many different environments and creatures to explore. This gallery of science fair projects will help your child narrow down which type of biology project he may want to explore.

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