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3rd Grade Skills

Physical, Social and Cognitive Skills for the Third Grade Classroom


In third grade, children who are steadily becoming more open to the abstract thinking. The 3rd grade skills in the social, physical and cognitivey the end of third grade your child will have gained the skills to complete mental math, work with fractions, estimate, interpret graphs and predict probability and outcomes.

1. 3rd Grade Social Skills for School Success

The 3rd grade social skills that are important relate to friendships, peer pressure, and the in-depth learning encounters your child will have this year. Having the social skills to navigate the mix of independent work, guided learning experiences and working together as a group will be helpful to a successful year.

2. 3rd Grade Cognitive Skills for School Success

This is a year of growth spurts, including those 3rd grade cognitive skills. Those skills will help your child move from a very concrete learner to a more abstract thinker and to have the ability to apply ideas in a number of different situations.

3. 3rd Grade Physical Skills for School Success

Learning about the consequences choices, both emotionally and physically, is important this year. Some of the 3rd grade physical skills that help make this happen are those that connect the importance of exercise to fitness and overall health.

4. Signs of Trouble With Learning in 3rd Grade

Third grade is a year of tremendous growth and learning, especially in math and reading. If your child is showing signs of trouble in third grade, it should be addressed as soon as possible.

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