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Grade-by-Grade Guide to Elementary School

A Grade-by-Grade Guide to Grades K -5


Elementary school is a time when it's hard to keep up with all the growth and changes your child is showing. You send her off to kindergarten unsure as whether she's ready (or you are) and watch as she learns to read, makes friends and begins to add and subtract. Over the next five years, your child's academic and social life will begin to expand in ways you never expected. The best way to be an active participant in her academic world is to keep track of what she'll be facing each year. Grade-by-grade, here's a guide to elementary school to help you keep informed.


1. A Parent's Guide to Kindergarten

The transition to kindergarten is a big one, not only for kids, but for parents, too. From wondering what your child will learn in kindergarten to worrying about how to calm anxiety on that first day, parents need some guidance about this big move.

2. A Parent's Guide to First Grade

Your child has moved on from kindergarten to first grade! How is this year going to differ? From how to spot early signs of a reading problem to grocery store, kitchen and road trip math, we've got information about it in your parent's guide to first grade.

3. A Parent's Guide to Second Grade

This year your child is ready to get down to the business of learning. He's probably got the reading and writing basics down, knows his addition and subtraction facts well and is eager to keep going. So what do you need to know? Here's your parent's guide to second grade.

4. A Parent's Guide to Third Grade

In third grade, your child is beginning to explore new ways of learning. She is learning more about friendships and, unfortunately, may be encountering the negative side of her peers in the form of bullying. From articles about zero tolerance policies to figuring out whether or not your child is too sick to go to school, here's your parent's guide to third grade.

5. A Parent's Guide to Fourth Grade

In fourth grade, your child's social life begins to get more complicated and the academic demands are more as well. From tips on dealing with cliques to how to deal with your child's suddenly too-heavy backpack, this is your parent's guide to fourth grade.

6. A Parent's Guide to Fifth Grade

In fifth grade, your child is starting to look toward middle school. She may have different teachers for each subject for the first time this year and will be expected to take more responsibility for organization and long-term planning. From tips on dealing with school refusal to warning signs that your child is being bullied, this is your parent's guide to fifth grade.

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