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Great Ideas for Easy, Affordable Teacher Gifts

Some terrific ways to say thank you to your favorite teacher


Looking for teacher gift ideas? Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to say thank you to your child’s teacher for the great job she or he has done.

1. Photo Books


Photo books make terrific teacher gifts because they can be personalized. You can do this as a class by asking parents to submit drawings and essays or notes for the teacher to express their feelings about her and the school year they shared. Then take the submissions to a copy or printer store near you and have them bind it all in a book. (Alternatively, you can buy a nice photo or keepsake album and place all the submissions there.) Then you can add photos of the teacher with the kids to the drawings and notes.

You can also just make your own photo book using a great program such as iPhoto (for Mac users) or by using a service such as Shutterfly or SmileBooks. Just take some candid shots of your child’s teacher interacting with the kids (ask the teacher if you can come for a class visit or join in on a field trip or special class event), arrange the photos as you would like, add some fun captions, and voila! You have a beautiful, personalized gift that your teacher will truly appreciate.

2. Basket of Healthy Treats


Visit a gourmet shop or website and get some dried fruits, nuts, and dark chocolate for a healthy and yummy basket of treats. And since green tea is a known antioxidant that has been linked to many health benefits, add a lovely Asian cast-iron teapot and a box of good-quality green tea as well.

You can also add some healthy cookbooks or magazines featuring vegetarian dishes and healthy smoothies. These great ideas will show your teacher that you appreciate her and wish her health and well-being for years to come!

3. Gift Certificates or Cards


What kind of gift card you get depends on how well you know the teacher’s interests and preferences. Is she an outdoors-type? Then a gift card for a sporting-goods store or a sportswear website or store such as Patagonia or Lululemon Athletica is an ideal gift. Does she love books? Then a Barnes and Noble gift card is the perfect idea.

If you don’t know what type of gift card she might find useful, then you can always give her something like a general-purpose gift card to Amazon.com so she can find whatever she needs.

Have each family chip in a small amount say -- $5 or so -- and your child’s teacher will get a great gift card with which she can get herself something she really wants.

4. A Day of Pampering


Another great way to say thanks to your child’s teacher for all the hard work she’s done is by treating her to rest, relaxation, and some pampering at a spa.

Ask parents to contribute $5 to $10 and purchase a gift certificate through Spa Finder, which can then be used in more than 6,000 spas and wellness centers around the world (just in case your teacher goes on a nice summer holiday and decides she wants to book a spa treatment!).

5. Teacher Gift Ideas - Vellum Thank You Cards

thank you cards
Katherine Lee
What better way to thank your favorite teacher than with a beautiful handmade thank you card? Here's a lovely vellum thank you card that your child will love making and presenting to her teacher to express her gratitude.

6. Washi Tape-Decorated Journals and Notebooks

washi tape ideas
Katherine Lee
Decorating journals, photo books or notebooks is a terrific way to jazz up an otherwise boring and plain book into something personalized and pretty. Plus, our child can use his imagination to make something that his teacher can use. Try using washi tape, the beautiful Japanese decorative tapes that are easy for kids to work with.

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