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Best Ways to Meet Your Child’s Class School Parents

Now that parents are busier than ever, it's more important to meet one another


Whether it’s for the purpose of exchanging info about school closings on snow days or asking a question about a homework assignment or having someone you can turn to in an emergency, getting to know the other school parents in your child’s class can be quite invaluable.

But when you’re a busy parent -- and particularly if you work outside of the home and have to do the drop-off and dash -- it can be nearly impossible to see the faces of fellow class parents, much less make a connection with them.

The solution: Sometime in the fall, after the first few weeks of back-to-school hubbub has died down (and before the frenzy of Halloween preparations go into full swing), take some time out to organize a get-together with the other class school parents. Some great ways to get to know one another:

Hold a potluck dinner. Ask if one of the school parents can host the party or do it yourself. Getting together over some food and chatting about yourselves can help you and the other class school parents form bonds that can carry you through the school year and beyond.

Organize a class day at the park. This is not only an excellent opportunity for school parents to relax and become acquainted, but a great way for kids to get to know each other outside of the classroom. Ask parents to bring some goodies to share and some balls and games for the kids and you can have a fun picnic while everyone becomes better acquainted.

Support the school. Helping your child’s school doesn’t have to involve taking tons of time off from work. Some volunteer jobs, such as selling treats at school bakes sales or helping out at school events, can be done in the evenings or weekends. These school rallies can be an excellent opportunity to meet other school parents, not just from your child’s class but from other classes as well.

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