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Physical Skills That Are Important for 4th Grade

Physical Developmental Milestones for Fourth Grade


Physical Skills That Are Important for 4th Grade

Your child's physical skills are important when it comes to fitness testing.

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You can expect your fourth grader to start learning how to integrate his social and academic lives. Physical skills that are important for fourth grade include those that make it easier for your child to keep up with his peers on the playground, in the classroom and on the sports fields.

Physical Skills Important for 4th Grade

Skill: Able to use small muscles with greater coordination.
Why It's Important: In fourth grade, most students have a rapid increase in small muscle development, making it easier to complete more intricate tasks. In many school, this is the year that your child will be offered the chance to begin playing an instrument for the band or to join after-school clubs that require her to build things or garden. With this newly developed skill, she is ready to take on these new challenges.

Skill: Eye coordination and vision begins to function in a more adult-like manner.
Why It's Important: At nine and ten years of age, your child's eyes are nearing full growth. While in earlier grades, fluctuations in vision may have been ascribed to ongoing growth, this year it's important that you and your child's teacher pay attention to complaints of eye strain or headaches, as these can be signs that he needs glasses.

Skill: Is able to participate and persist in a physical activity until the point of exhaustion.
Why It's Important: Your child may be capable of completing a Physical Education class without rest, of playing kickball on the playground for an entire recess or being on the court or field for the entire game.

This bodes well for her ability to take part in physical fitness testing and extra-curricular sports. However, she may still need reminders to rest or take a break, because she's won't be very good about self-regulating to reserve energy for academics.

Skill: Is able to perform more complex sequences and combination of fine and gross motor skills.
Why It's Important: This year in school, your child will be asked to show what he has learned in ways other than just taking tests and answering questions in-class. Fourth graders often have to choose and create science fair projects, some of which will require the skills to interact with, observe and manipulate his environment in new ways. It's also a year in which many students begin to take theater and movement classes and participate in school-sponsored sports or dance programs.

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