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How to Write Persuasive Writing

What does persuasive writing look like?


How to Write Persuasive Writing
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One of the four types of writing your will need to learn how to write is persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is used to express an opinion (or take a position) and uses facts, statistics and other data to back it up and convince the reader that this position is correct.

Persuasive writing contains:

  • a clearly stated opinion statement at the beginning of the piece.
  • direct and detailed paragraphs composed using the hamburger writing technique.
  • data to back up the writer’s position and/or to disprove the opposing view.

Persuasive writing is used for:

  • essays.
  • debate position papers (papers that are turned in to show research after a verbal debate).
  • editorial pieces (i.e. “letters to the editor”).
  • book reviews.
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