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Writing a Paragraph: Hamburger Writing

Using a Hamburger Graphic Organizer for Writing


hamburger writing

Writing a paragraph is like building a hamburger.

Amanda Morin

For your child, writing a paragraph can be as easy as eating dinner. That’s because there’s a quick and easy graphic organizer that outlines the components of a paragraph as if they were parts of a hamburger. Here’s how hamburger writing works.

The Top Bun:

The top bun of the hamburger is the opening sentence (or introduction) of the paragraph. This sentence introduces the concept or idea of the paragraph.

The Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles and Burger Patty:

Depending on how your child likes his burger, there may be a number of layers on it. This is the same with his paragraph, as each layer represents a detail sentence. These sentences provide backup information supporting the introduction sentence.

The Bottom Bun:

The bottom bun can also be thought of as the bottom line. This is the closing sentence of the paragraph, the one that summarizes the details and reiterates the topic sentence.

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