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Parent Group Fundraising

Online Fundraising and Email Marketing


Online fundraising is an indispensable part of most large non-profit organizations' development strategies. Now, smaller groups are moving into online fundraising as new web services make online fundraising accessible for organizations with small budgets. With creative thinking and promotion, parent groups such as parent-school organizations and parent booster clubs can take advantage of online fundraising opportunities.

One of the keys to online fundraising is to make it a habit for your supporters. The ideal tool is an email newsletter. Collect email addresses at your back-to-school membership table, or ask your school for permission to send flyers home for parents to sign up for your newsletter. Also, ask your school for a sign-up page for your parent-school organization on their web site. Take advantage of inexpensive email marketing services such as Constant Contact to send professional newsletters and easily manage your campaign.

Use your email newsletter to consistently remind supporters to use these no-cost fundraising opportunities every time they buy online or do a web search. These services are so simple to set up; simply register your school group and it will receive the proceeds when your supporters use the service.

Register your school and get your supporters to start here when they make their online purchases. All the great retailers are here, so it's likely that supporters will be shopping these sites anyway. Again, developing the consistent habit of using your SchoolPop account to start your online shopping trip is key to making money with the percent-of-purchase strategy. Note that SchoolPop proceeds go to the school; if you wish to register your non-profit group instead, use their sister site, OneCause.

Register your non-profit group and get your supporters to do their web searches here. Search results are from Yahoo, so you know what you're getting. Each search generates income to your organization; so the key is to get your supporters to use it on a regular basis. They offer a toolbar for your browser, so encourage your group to download and use the toolbar for web searches.

Also, use your newsletter to inform supporters of your group's activities and volunteer opportunities. Increase participation from busy members with reminders in their email Inbox. Think of the money you will save in printing and postage; and you can easily see the advantage of email newsletters for consistently promoting your organization. As you find success for your parent group using email marketing strategies, you can add features such as accepting donations online and direct affiliate programs at local or online retailers.

Try these low-cost online email marketing services and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to use email newsletters to build support for your parent group.

Low-Cost Email Newsletter Services

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