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Child Development: Your Ten-Year-Old Child

An overview of developmental highlights you can expect to see in 10-year-old


Ten-year-old children are standing fully in the tween years. At times, they will still run and play and jump, just as they did when they were younger. But they may be just as likely to show the poise and self-control of a teenager in other instances. Here are some general characteristics you can expect to see in a typical 10-year-old child.

1. 10-Year-Old Behavior and Daily Routines

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What does a day in the life of an average 10-year-old look like? While children, like adults, have different temperaments, tastes, and personalities that shape who they are and what they prefer, here is a general overview of what you can expect to see in the routines and behaviors of a 10-year-old child. Read about 10-year-old child behavior and daily routines.

2. 10-Year-Old Physical Development

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Children who are 10-years-old are experiencing many physical changes as they approach adolescence. Some are already experiencing the beginnings of puberty while others are growing lankier with each day. But even as they are growing tall and lean, they are still likely to jump and play, just as they did when they were much younger in grade school. Read about 10-year-old physical development.

3. 10-Year-Old Emotional Development

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When it comes to emotions, 10-year-old development is a topsy-turvy time. This phase of child development is rocked by changes (physiological as well as emotional, cognitive, and social), and can play havoc on a child's moods. That said, 10-year-olds are also growing more mature, and are navigating problems and relationships with more maturity than ever before. Read about 10-year-old emotional development.

4. 10-Year-Old Cognitive Development

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Ten-year-old children are learning and expanding their minds in unprecedented ways. At the 10-year-old child development phase, schoolwork is ramping up in the classroom and via homework as fifth grade students prepare for middle school. Read about 10-year-old child cognitive development.

5. 10-Year-Old Social Development

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Friendships are taking more of a center stage at this phase of development. Your child is becoming more independent, and is naturally gravitating toward spending more time and energy on friendships, and will want to do more activities with friends. Read about 10-year-old child social development.

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