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Child Development, Age-by-Age

Developmental milestones you can expect to see from ages 5 to 10


How does your child grow? School-age children will experience many changes in all aspects of their lives. They will mature physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially, and will go from napping kindergarteners to lanky pre-adolescents seemingly in the blink of an eye. Here is an in-depth look into child developmental milestones you can expect to see from ages 5 to 10.

1. Child Development: Your Five-Year-Old Child

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Five-year-old children are experiencing big changes. Many are starting kindergarten, and are experiencing real schoolwork and homework for the first time. They are making new friends, learning more about the world, and learning to read. This is an exciting and adventurous time for 5-year-olds and their parents alike.

2. Child Development: Your Six-Year-Old Child

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At age 6, children will begin to sharpen reading and math skills in school, and will become used to routines that are expected of them in the classroom. They will blossom socially, and begin to place more emphasis on friendships. At home, they will take pride in accomplishing chores and begin to take on more responsibilities.

3. Child Development: Your Seven-Year-Old Child

For 7-year-olds, the days when they need supervision for everyday routines such as brushing their teeth and getting dressed are far behind them. But they are not yet independent 10-year-olds who can handle responsibilities and tasks with little or no supervision. For parents, age 7 is a tricky balance of giving more independence and yet still keeping a close eye on things.

4. Child Development: Your Eight Year Old Child

For 8-year-old children, this stage of child development is often about coming into their own. They develop confidence in themselves and begin to form opinions and thoughts about things in their world. Hobbies, interests (even obsessions), friends -- all will be developed according to their growing tastes and preferences.

5. Child Development: Your Nine-Year-Old Child

At this stage of child development, children are making many decisions on their own or with input from parents. They are taking on more responsibilities at home with minimal supervision. And at school, they are handling challenging work in many subjects, and are expected to complete assignments independently.

6. Child Development: Your Ten-Year-Old Child

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Ten-year-old children are standing on the cusp of adolescence, and are experiencing many significant changes physically, emotionally, cognitively, and otherwise. They are becoming more independent than ever before, and are increasingly spending more time with friends and doing more activities without family. At the same time, they are still in the early-childhood phase of development, and will need and want guidance and supervision from parents from time to time.

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