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Make at Home Math Games

New teaching practices in elementary math use games that teach math thinking skills. Parents can use these same games at home with simple materials and easy preparation.
Arithmetic Rummy
Print the playing cards on card stock paper, then you can play one of several fun card games from the Instructions page. From Children's Discovery Museum
Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks Math Games
At Education World, a great collection of math games that use dice or regular playing cards.
Calculators Games for Primary Grades
Super-Gran Jenny is a math whiz. See her favorite calculator games for kids here.
Classroom Games at Multiplication.com
Some of these can be modified for playing at home.
Print the game board from Education World for a math dice game that reinforces math computation skills.
Make and Take Math Games from Libby
Illustrations, instructions, and templates for make at home math games.
Math Bingo
Print the Bingo cards and follow the instructions to make Math Bingo cards for your child's grade level. Education World
Maths Games for Primary Children
Many great games designed for school by Super-Gran Jenny, print and play at home with your children.
Maths Games to Print and Play
Easy pdf games to play and practice math concepts, from Mathsphere.
Number Club - A Game of Place Value
Super easy game played with a regular deck of cards. Build the biggest 3-digit number using concepts of place value.
Number Thief Rummy
Make a deck of cards (see resources below) with numbers and mathematical symbols. Cards are laid down when a correct equation is made.
Penny Dice Game
You need one die and twenty pennies for this easy dice game with young kids.
QuickCards Software
Purchase this inexpensive shareware to make and print your own playing cards on cardstock.
The Game of Pig
An easy dice game that uses mathematical thinking. Scholastic Instructor.
Twenty-Five A Math Card Game
Addition practice is the skill in this game. Elementary school teacher submitted math game at Education World.
EAI Education - Purchase Blank Playing Cards
A set of 50 blank white playing cards is only $1.75 from EAI Education. Order a few to make a variety of math games.
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