1. Parenting

Lying and Stealing

Information and resources to help parents cope with children's lying and stealing.
Why Children Tell Lies - And How to Stop Them
Find out what causes your child's lying problem and how to stop it.
Three Lies Children Tell...and What You Can Do About Them
What parents can do about children's lying, from Parenting of K-6 Children
Antecedents to Lying and Telling the Truth
Advice from Deborah Hage at Foster Parents Community.
Behavior Management and Discipline - The Liar
Directed to teachers, parents can benefit from this advice from The You Can Handle Them All Web site.
A Child's Compulsive Lying
By Dr. Timothy Quek
Dealing with Stealing
If your child swipes something from a store, her school, or a friend, don't panic -- just learn the right response to this common situation. Dana Asher at Parents.com
Teaching Truthfulness and Honesty
Based on Elizabeth Crary, Parenting Press
What to Do About Lying
By Christina Raley, momtomom.com
When Children Lie
By Ron Huxley, Parenting Toolbox
Why Kids Lie
Telling tall tales is a normal part of growing up. So how do you make sure your kids value honesty? Follow our age-by-age guide to truth and consequences. Debra Kotz at Parents.com
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