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Babysitter Checklist


Babysitter checklists are an easy way for parents to give the babysitter critical information that will assure a safe, positive time with your child while you are away. The Babysitter Checklist is a Word document that you can download and save to your computer. Instructions for using the Babysitter Checklist are below.

In addition to the Babysitter Checklist, a few simple steps will prepare your babysitter for most situations she might encounter while babysitting your older child.

The Babysitter Tour

Ask a new babysitter to come 30 minutes early so that you can give her a tour of the house. Your babysitter will appreciate knowing where to find what she needs for the children. Go through each room and think of anything the babysitter might need there. Discuss your house rules and expectations as you go. Show her the foods that can and cannot be eaten in the kitchen, and also tell her your house rules about when and where the kids can eat. In the family room, discuss your TV, computer, and phone rules. If you allow your babysitter to have a visitor, discuss your expectations that any visitor respect your house rules. Next, show her the children's rooms, where she can find their clothing and toys. This is a good time to discuss bedtime and what the babysitter can do if she has problems with the child at bedtime.

Health and Safety Instructions for the Babysitter

If you have a pool, you must decide whether the children are allowed to swim while you are away. Unless the babysitter is trained in lifeguard skills, you will feel best if you don't allow swimming. Emphasize the critical importance of protecting the children from pool dangers.

Sometimes babysitters will need to give medicine to the child. It's a good idea to keep a basic kit handy that the babysitter can find easily. Include a thermometer, bandaids, and pain reliever along with any medications the child must take while the babysitter is there. Write the instructions and dosages for each child's medication and put it in the kit. Show the medications to the babysitter, and verbally instruct her on giving any medication. Discuss any of your child's allergies and how to handle an allergy reaction. Tell the babysitter to call you if the child has fever and before she gives any medications that you have not discussed.

Demonstrate using the home alarm system and leave written instructions. Insist that doors and windows be locked during your absence. Show the sitter where the flashlight is in case of power problems.

I know this is a lot of information, but when you've covered it all, you can leave the house and relax knowing that your babysitter is well equipped to care for your child well.

Instructions for the Babysitter Checklist

  1. Click on the Babysitter Checklist link and choose to Save to Computer. Save the Babysittercheklist.doc under My Documents.
  2. Open the document using your Word program. Fill in the information that will be the same each time, such as doctor and insurance information. Save the document in this form so that you don't have to fill in this information each time you use it. [Note - You may want to save the document as a Word Template at this point. Then you will pull up the blank form each time you use the babysitter checklist.]
  3. Pull up the Babysitter Checklist when you have a sitter coming. Quickly type in the information and print it out. Sign the emergency medical treatment release and you're ready to go!
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