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Top 7 Online Games for Preschool Kids


Online games for preschoolers just for fun or to teach early computer skills, pre-reading, letter and number identification.

1. Nick Jr. Games Online

Click on Nick Jr. Playtime to open the games window. All are great games for little ones and your child should have no trouble navigating through them.

2. Build a Neighborhood Online Game

An online build-a-picture game, it's fun because kids get many choices and the quality of the pictures is very good. Move the pictures around, zoom in and out, well done game from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood at PBS Kids.

3. Sesame Street Games Online

Lots of games so your child shouldn't get bored. Graphic quality, learning potential, and ease of use make these games winners. Somewhat clunky navigation back to more games and the games are fairly slow loading. Overall, a great destination for online preschool games.

4. Fisher-Price Online Games for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

That's right, infants. These are really quite cute. The toddler games work for preschoolers too. Nice job at Fisher-Price.com

5. Orisinal Online Games

The prettiest preschool games online are at Orisinal. Choose one of the pretty watercolor pictures for a game that flows at a less than frantic pace.

6. Noggin Games

Fun games with characters your child will recognize, even if you don't get Noggin. We like the Doodle Pad with cute stickers, watercolors, and glitter paint.

7. Poisson Rouge - Online Games for Young Children

No reading required but your child will easily follow the toys and games in the room. We especially love the paint box where you can mix colors and wash your brush.

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