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Top 10 Online Coloring Sites for Older Kids


Online coloring is a simple pleasure that kids love on the computer. Find the best online coloring pages for children of different ages.

1. Art Pad

This digital canvas is a nice free-form paint program. You can choose text, paint can, brush, opacity. Nice

2. SegPlay

Color by number online. A variety of pictures are available; sort by Difficulty and choose Simple or Easy for kids. You'll find photographs, cartoons, and art to color by number.

3. Swatchbox

You don't have to settle for a small palette of colors. Instead, paint with Swatchbox at the National Gallery of Art Kids' Artzone, where you can mix millions of colors.

4. Flow

Also at NGA Kids' Artzone, Flow is best for older kids who will be intrigued by watching the pictures move across the canvas. Don't forget to click the pencil to add your own artwork to the flow.

5. IKnowThat Paint

Do lots of different things with your picture at IKnowThat.com. Choose diferent styles, media, palettes and more on a nice large drawing space. If you don't wish to save your work, you don't have to register. Just click Maybe Later to go straight to the activity.

6. Brushter

More at the awesome National Gallery of Art Kids Zone. We like the creative feel and tools of Brushter.

7. The Scribbler

Make a simple drawing then let the Scribbler take it and create something beautiful. Play around with the Scribbler settings for even more fun.

8. Pattern Blocks

Intriguing for all ages, with Pattern Blocks kids use colored shapes to make patterns on a grid. Explore fractions through art.

9. Kaleidoscope Maker

Draw and paint in the workspace; and, then watch your kaleidoscope transform.

10. Quiltmaker

Click around to change the designs and create your own online quilt patterns at Long Island Children's Museum. Good for visual pattern recognition, and it's just fun.

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