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Fun Family Organizing


Organizing the family's work, school, play, church, and community activities can overload even the most "got it together" parent. Since I don't fall in that category, I need help. There is nothing worse than being so busy that you forget a doctor appointment or schedule yourself to be at two important places at the same time. Trying to hold it all in your oversheduled head is not good for your sense of well-being.

We're lucky that the tools for organizing a busy family have evolved with the pace of our active lives. From colorful and fun home organizers to kid-tracking mobile phones and organizing software on your computer, explore these solutions for fun family organizing.

Cozi Central
The best way to learn about this great new family organizing tool is to download it and play with it. I've been exploring the Cozi Central features; and so far, I find it to be the best high-tech family organizing solution available. The useful features include the calendar that you can tag for each family member, the shopping list, and the ability to send messages and events to your family by email or mobile phone. You can access your family Cozi Central on any computer with Internet access and on your mobile phone. This new program is currently free for families, so take a look and try it out for your family.

Disney Mobile Phone Service
We all have mobile phones and I have to say they have changed our lives. We're constantly "organizing" our day with text messages and calls. With the Disney mobile phone service, you get all the standard features of a mobile phone plus the family-friendly Disney service features. Family Locator uses GPS technology to show on a map where your family members' phones are anytime. Family Monitor and Call Control gives you control over the times that your child can use the phone along with the number of minutes, pictures, text messages, and downloads. You can also prohibit up to 20 phone numbers on your child's phone. Calls that incur a charge such as to 976 numbers are always prohibited. Family Alert lets you send text messages that will instantly show on one or all of your family members' phones. If you already have a phone service for yourself, you can purchase the service for your child and access the monitoring features from the web.

Mom's Family Calendar [Compare Prices]
Sandra Boynton's art work makes this a fun organizer for your home. The 16-month calendar features five columns to keep track of each family member's schedule. It includes cute stickers for visual reminders that your kids will love. Cute and very useful

Thinkbin Family Wall Calendar [Compare Prices]
A 17-month wall calendar that gets great reviews for its size and features. Includes a pocket at the bottom and space for to-do list and reminders each month.

Whatever organizational tool you choose, stick with it so that it becomes a habit that takes all of those appointments and events off you mind and in a place where everyone in the family can stay in touch and stay organized.

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