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Top 10 High Tech Toys for Younger Elementary Kids


Gadgets and gizmos with high tech appeal for kids

1. X32X-2 WristLinx Two-Way Wristwatch Radios

We like that these two-way wristwatch radios are better than your usual toy walkie-talkies and are a great play value for the price.

2. Philips 3MP Retro Style Ultra-Thin Camera

The Fisher-Price digital camera is fine for preschoolers, but kids in elementary school like the real thing. Look for holiday specials on lower-end digital cameras and gear out with an SD card and inexpensive card reader for your computer. This $60 camera is just one example of what you might find for a first digital camera for your young elementary age child.
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3. Nintendo DS

DS for dual screen, Nintendo's hand-held will be a hit with your elementary child. We can't resist the Nintendogs games. Plays Game Boy Advance games.
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4. LeapFrog Explorer Globe

Interactive globe with games. Junior version available.
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5. Amazing Money Jar Bank

This high-tech money jar counts your coins as you drop them in and displays your total on an LED screen. Fun motivator for learning about money, or you could use it as a reward jar for a behavior plan. At $15, this is a can't miss toy. Discovery
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6. Discovery Speed Detector

Kids can clock speeds for races or for pitching practice. An award-winning toy that is fun and useful.

7. Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye

Magnify anything 200X and see it on your TV screen. Very cool. Award winning

8. Pirate Treasure Hunter Game

In this high-tech hot and cold game, kids use the pirate map to find the treasure. We like this one because one child can play with the parent hiding the treasure. Award Winning. Wild Planet Toys

9. FurReal Friends

Interactive plush animals that are very cute, plus they walk, make sounds, and learn tricks. Hasbro

10. Spy Video Car

Look for the best deal on this hot toy from Wild Planet Toys; it's definitely pricey. Award Winning
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