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Essential information you need to know about how to raise a healthy and happy child, from how to make sure your child's nutritional needs are met to the best discipline techniques that really work. Plus, all about grade-schoolers' growth and development.
  1. Raising Healthy Kids
  2. Behavior & Discipline
  3. Child Safety
  1. Development, Age-by-Age
  2. Physical & Emotional Growth
  3. Social Development

Raising Healthy Kids

The information and guidance you need on the best ways to keep your kids healthy, safe, and happy.

Behavior & Discipline

Grade schoolers are better able to articulate frustrations, likes, and dislikes. But that doesn't mean the days of meltdowns and conflict are behind you. Learn ways to work with your child to achieve good behavior and sow the seeds for self-discipline.

Child Safety

As children get older, the measures we need to take to keep them safe changes. While we may not need a baby gate at the stairs for a 5-year-old child, children who are increasingly out and about in the world and growing more independent need an array of safety measures to protect them. Here are some important tips on how to keep grade-school age children safe from harm.

Development, Age-by-Age

A guide to your grade-schooler's development stages. A look at her interests, abilities, and skills at each age and stage.

Physical & Emotional Growth

New fears and challenges, budding rebellion, curiosity about bodies —- the grade-schooler stage is an action-packed smorgasbord of physical and emotional development.

Social Development

Beyond thank you and please -- strategies for raising a grade-schooler who has good manners, knows how to make friends, and is a good citizen of the world.

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