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Teach Kids to Play Volleyball


How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball is a familiar game to many families, and kids often begin playing in school leagues in the upper grades. These are the basic rules of volleyball. Equipment is not too expensive - ball, net, kneepads. Olympic Volleyball is played on an indoor court and Olympic Beach Volleyball on sand outdoors. If you don't have a beach or indoor court, start on the grass in your backyard. To teach young children the game, try these modifications from Mini Volleyball. They give kids more of a chance to keep the ball in play, reducing frustration and building skills.

  • Use a softer ball
  • Reduce the size of the court
  • Allow young kids to catch, hold, and throw the ball, but not take a step with the ball
  • Set the net lower and allow kids to touch the net during play

Kids can learn a lot about volleyball play by watching the games of the Olympics and watching videos of volleyball skills. But, to really understand how to Serve, Set, Dig, Pass, Block, Hit and Attack, follow these step-by-steps at About Volleyball.

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