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Teach Kids to Play Badminton


How to Play Badminton

I guess I can find the basic rules to badminton on the box, so that's not a big hurdle for us. The fun of Olympic Badminton is watching the skill and strategy of the best badminton players. As a racquet sport, the rules are similar to tennis and ping pong. Players score a point when they are serving and the birdie drops to the ground inbounds on the other player's court. Twenty-one points, with a two-point advantage, wins the game.

While official badminton is played on an indoor court, backyard badminton is great fun for boys, girls, and parents to play together. Regulation court size for singles badminton is 44 X 17 feet; for doubles 44 X 20 feet. Net height should be 5 feet.

In his advice for beginning badminton players, Kwun Han encourages players to focus on correct grip, correct strokes, and footwork. The fundamentals of badminton footwork are 'springs in your legs', a fast starting position, and balance. Watch a video tutorial on badminton footwork on YouTube.

When your kids are just learning to play badminton, you can help them learn to serve the birdie with these tips from a badminton coach. Learn how to do a high serve, low serve, flick serve, and drive serve at Badminton-Information.com. This site also teaches badminton techniques such as the smash, clears, drop shots, drive, and net play.

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